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Get Paid For Doing What You Already Do (without leaving home!)

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*this post was sponsored by Qmee, all opinions are my own

Did you know that there are so many ways to earn money every day by doing the things you already do? Additionally, there really are companies who are willing to pay you for your thoughts and opinions…yes, your thoughts really matter!

Over the years I have worked with many different companies who provide these services, and I have entirely paid for Christmas a couple of times by doing these very kinds of things! Just as in the time and effort put forth in creating a budget, shopping sales, and cooking frugally, I look at the time I spend doing things like this as part of my “part-time job,” which is doing everything I can to save my family money!

If you have followed my frugal posts at all, you know that I call this kind of money “found money,” which basically means bonus money in my book. What’s even better is that you don’t even have to leave your home to do this, and, you can do it in your pajamas! What could be better?!

get paid

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I recently started working with a new company called Qmee, and I am so excited to tell you all about them because I know so many of you are focused on living a frugal lifestyle as I am. Think of them like someone who is shopping right alongside you while you do all the online shopping that you would normally do, but they do so much more as well.

First, let me tell you how easy it is to work with Qmee.

Once you sign up with Qmee, which is totally free, you only need to install the Qmee tool and from that point on, your work is done. Qmee just works in the background, and you’ll be earning cash rewards for shopping on the sites you already shop on and engaging with various brands.

Using search tools like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the search words you enter will bring up results over in the left side area of your screen, and there will only be relevant search results displayed so nothing spammy or anything like that will appear.

At times you will also get discount codes or even price comparisons over in that side area that all work together to really help your savings add up while you are also watching your online piggy bank grow over at Qmee. The price comparisons are something I have not seen on any of the other similar companies or networks that I’ve worked with. That alone also makes using Qmee a huge time saver as well, which is something I love almost as much as I love saving money.

In addition to earning money through shopping and searching, you can also pad your online piggy bank by taking surveys because your opinion really does matter. These are easy to complete, and you can decide when it is a convenient time to take them, or you don’t have to take any at all.

You can also earn $1 for every referral you send over to Qmee, while also saving your family and friends some money as they learn to love Qmee as much as you do!

Wondering what happens with that online piggy bank?

You can transfer your money from Qmee to Paypal or into a variety of gift cards, which has been a great way to fund my slight Amazon addiction 😉 Additionally, you can even donate your earnings to a charity, how cool is that? There are times when giving to others can be difficult, but this is a great way to generously give to those in need.

It really is amazing how fast these earnings can add up, and with more than four months until Christmas you can really get a head start on paying for Christmas without ever even opening up your wallet. In fact, maybe you can do what I do and pay for Christmas all together using the money you earn over at Qmee.

Wondering how to get started?

All you need to do is head over to Qmee by clicking on this link here. Then enter your information to join the club, install their tool, and you are good to go!

Then, start searching, start shopping, start taking some surveys, and then start sending your friends and loved ones their way. Easy peasy!

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