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20 Things You Can Do to Be Successful Today

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Do you know of some things you can do to be successful? Ever wonder what makes people successful? Why does life seem so easy for some while you lack a sense of direction, an overall plan of how to accomplish your dreams, and the ability to figure out what is continually wrong? What are you missing?

In talking to people I admire from all walks of life, I complied a list of things they attributed their success to some basic concepts. I observed people around me who have achieved success in all walks of life. One was a basketball coach who pushed his players to greatness. One was someone who worked his way up to a high standing in a global company. And, one was a businesswoman who was not afraid to take risks with no guarantee of the outcome. Her risks paid off several times, but there were a few occasions where her risks were a total flop.

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Even in simply knowing others who have achieved greatness to any extent, it is easy to see that they all possess many of these same traits. I would venture a guess that if you were to look at the successful people around you, you would see several of these same qualities about them.

This is the list I have compiled of what these people do in all aspects of their lives.

  1. Change course. They have a plan initially. But, if that plan doesn’t seem to be producing the desired result, they alter their plan, brainstorm new solutions, or change course.
  2. Seek help. Interestingly, truly successful people do not think they have all the answers. Successful people realize that there are plenty of people who often have wisdom they do not in any given area. Then, they seek the advice of these “experts.” Successful people don’t feel the need to go it alone, either. They realize that the help of others is usually a benefit so they seek it out.
  3. Learn something new every day. Successful people are always looking to learn ways to improve. They look to learn something new rather than remaining stagnant where they are. Often they are learning new things that pertain to their areas of expertise. Sometimes, they are just looking to learn a new hobby. Successful people pursue learning something whether something big or something small every single day.
  4. Make time for what really matters. Successful people know what is important to them, and they make time for it. Whether they are making time for their family, maintaining a vibrant personal faith, or giving back within their community, successful people take time to enrich their lives with what matters to them.
  5. Delegate. Successful people do not have the need to do everything themselves. Successful people determine how to strategically enlist the help of others in a way that brings them closer to their goals. They regularly delegate tasks to others and follow up as necessary.picjumbo.com_HNCK4005
  6. Know how to say no. Successful people carefully weigh the things they do. If opportunities arise that will affect them in a negative way, they are firm in saying no. They say no without feeling guilty. They don’t allow others to force them to change their mind. When successful people say no, that is the way it goes.
  7. Laugh at themselves. Successful people are able to look at themselves realistically. At times they can only laugh at their thoughts, their behaviors, and their failures. Successful people can find the humor in nearly any situation and in their own behavior. Even in their own foolish behavior.
  8. Admit defeat. Successful people aren’t afraid to throw in the towel. If something isn’t working, didn’t go as planned, or accomplished the wrong thing, successful people aren’t afraid to just let it go and move on. Successful people don’t take something they started down to the bitter end. If they see defeat that can’t be overcome, they walk away.
  9. Try again. Successful people never stop trying. I love how Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. This is the mentality of successful people.
  10. Diversify their interests. Successful people have their hands in several pots at one time. Successful people never put their eggs all in one basket in regards to anything. They are often trying at least a few different things to see what produces the result they are looking for.
  11. Pursue their passions. Successful people go after what interests them. They make time for the people and things they love. They are developing their talents to their fullest extent throughout their lives. Then, they take what they have to work with, and they perfect it.
  12. Dream big. Successful people are the biggest dreamers around. Whether they have failed numerous times or accomplished greatness many times over, successful people shoot for the stars every time.picjumbo.com_HNCK4157
  13. Give generously. Whether of their time, talents, or resources, successful people see beyond themselves. Successful people accomplish many things of which to be proud, but they share their success with others.
  14. Ground themselves every day. Successful people find what anchors them, what grounds them, and what fulfills, them. Then, they tap into the inner strength that these things provide. They may read their Bible, exercise every morning, or spend time sipping a cup of coffee watching the sun rise, but whatever it is, successful people ground themselves every day.
  15. Implement effective organization methods. Successful people have discovered how to make their life run like a well oiled machine. They implement things like schedules, organizational tools, and time management skills that work in their own life. They figure out what works, and they repeat it.
  16. Recognize their limits. Successful people know what they are capable of and what they are not, and they take that into consideration. Although they dream, they recognize their limitations and continually take these into account.
  17. Negotiate when necessary. If successful people come upon a roadblock or detour, they often use their superior negotiation skills to find a different way to achieve their goal. When they hear no from someone else, they put their keen negation skills into action, too. Successful people are amazing negotiators.
  18. Build networks of people to collaborate with. Successful people recognize that there is often strength in numbers, and they use this to their advantage. Similar to seeking help, successful people build networks, they build teams, and they find others who can make them stronger in some way.
  19. Hold others to the same standards they require of themselves. Just as successful people hold themselves to greatness, they also demand the same thing from those around them. They encourage others to do their best, but they also equip those on their team to accomplish greatness and expect that greatness is what they will deliver.
  20. Keep the end in mind. Successful people don’t get hung up on where they are. They continuously keep their eye on the prize. They focus on where they are going, not on the path under their feet. Whether they are facing greatness or defeat, successful people look toward the future with great anticipation.

Although success comes in countless different forms and in various ways, there are common threads that are woven throughout every success story. Behind every great success story is a successful person who implements several of these strategies. Being aware of these strategies and applying them to your own life will make a positive difference in your life as well. You, too, will be on the road to success!

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