15 Signs That You Are Stretched Too Thin (and what to do about it)

Life whizzes by at a dizzying pace while the landscape around you blurs from one scene to the next. Just when you think you can make out an object, you've traveled too far to even be able to make it out anymore. Your days find you trudging along as if you are trying to move forward with your feet … [Read more...]

10 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time Every Day

Even if you think you may be using your time to the best of your ability, you may be guilty of a few of these time wasters. These are the things that can slip by without our even noticing, like a sleek ninja stealthily sneaking in and stealing some of our precious moments. The truth is, we all … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals 3/8

I have been posting my weekly goals here for awhile and have found it to be so helpful. The process of writing goals, although does require some work, is so beneficial to actually accomplishing the things we need or want to accomplish. In writing out my goals, I actually keep the written record … [Read more...]

Our Homeschool Day

I am frequently asked by people who are looking at homeschooling as well as fellow homeschoolers how our typical homeschool day looks. I have found that the schedule does vary during different seasons, but this one seems to be the one we migrate to most often. Because we have older kids who … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals

At the suggestion of Crystal over at Money Saving Mom, I have been posting my weekly goals as well as how I did on the previous weekly goals here. It has been a great exercise in keeping me on target. Although it is never possible to get everything done since life always has a way of getting in the … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals

In keeping with Crystal's challenge over on Money Saving Mom, I am posting my weekly goals. Basically, my weekly goals will be the ones I didn't complete last week. This will give me a bit less to accomplish, which will be good since we have an extra busy season the next couple of weeks with … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals

Crystal, over on Money Saving Mom got her goals up yesterday, but I do enjoy posting mine so better late than never, I say. Our week was busy cleaning and sanitizing again, but by the weekend we were ready for a birthday party with three of our kids. ¬†Finally! ¬†Our oldest had been waiting for … [Read more...]