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12 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Plan From a Busy Mom of 8

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Do you overlook the bathroom as a place that you can multi-task when it comes to cleaning? Did you know that there are things you can do to make your bathroom cleaning duties easier? In fact, you can give the bathroom a good cleaning in as little as 12 minutes a week! Multi-tasking is not just for the kitchen anymore. And, what could be better since who really likes to clean the bathroom?

Here’s the bathroom cleaning plan you need!

clean bathroom

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One of my favorite tips about multi-tasking in the bathroom is to utilize the time you are bathing little ones as your chance to get the cleaning done, all except for cleaning the bathtub, of course. Maybe it’s because I have had a little one in the bath most nights for 14 years, but I have learned to use this time to my advantage since I am in there watching the little one anyway! Of course, this is once they can safely entertain themselves.

Some of these cleaning tips might be things you already do, but cleaning a bathroom has never really been my favorite thing to do so I have learned to become as efficient as I can be.

Have you met these scrubbing bubbles yet?

Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Cleaner Foamer


It has to be this kind with the big foamer. They are my best friend. Truly. They work so well that if I spray them on inside my shower and leave it for an hour it will cut through everything – even the aerosol hair spray that we spray in our shower (rather than spraying it over the floor and then having to scrub it off the tile and walls – Bonus cleaning tip!)

Following are the steps I take to tackle the bathroom in 12 minutes, or less!

  • Spray the shower or tub with these Scrubbing Bubbles and let sit
  • Flush the toilet
  • When the bowl is done draining water add cleaner or bleach, whatever you use (this is the cleaner I use)
  • Wash floor area just around the toilet
  • Come back and clean the toilet, I clean from outside to inside, top to bottom
  • Wash entire floor
  • Wipe down walls around toilet
  • Wipe down cupboards
  • Clean countertop with cleaner
  • Wipe down shower or tub with the Scrubbing Bubbles that have now worked their magic
  • Clean out sinks with cleaner
  • Then, clean mirror with glass cleaner
  • Clean sinks with glass cleaner, if allowed on your surface
  • Clean shower fixture with glass cleaner
  • Wipe down light switch and door knobbathroom-335748_1280

Done! Now sit back and enjoy the sparkle!

Want to keep mold and mildew at bay in your shower? Keep a cleaning toothbrush in the shower and use it every time you are in the shower to scrub in all the nooks and crannies. I often keep a rag in there to wipe down the walls, too, since I’m in there anyway. The steam of the shower helps loosen everything up like magic. Bonus tip!

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  1. I love your steps here for cleaning the bathroom. Keeping that darn room clean can be so hard sometimes, but not with your steps here. What cleaner do you use for the countertops? I have never known which one works the best.

  2. Someone has probably already mentioned this maintenance cleaning trick, BUT since I have three bathrooms that stay in constant use (one teenage girl, one teenage boy, and us), I use this in every bathroom.
    Buy those handy dish scrubbers that are designed to hold your liquid dish detergent. You can use either the one with the brush head or the sponge/scrubbed head (both of which are replaceable and interchangeable).
    Pickup one for each shower/tub in use in your house.
    I keep a gallon mixture of original blue dawn and white vinegar that I use for most of my cleaning chores. Fill the scrubbers with the mixture and hang them in each bathroom.
    When you shower, give your shower a quick scrub down and rinse. Since it’s dawn and vinegar, I’m not afraid for it to splash on me or my teens when they do it.
    I started this when my kids were little at that stage that they still wanted to help do whatever I was doing. But back then, I mixed johnson’s baby shampoo and vinegar and let them clean the tub and shower before they bathed. They felt like they were doing what mommy does and the tub stayed free of scum rings!

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