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8 Ways to Diffuse a Toddler Meltdown Without Having Your Own!

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Have you ever experienced a toddler meltdown? I know I haven’t 😉

Actually, my boys have been notorious for having a meltdown or two. Of course, they always seem to happen when I am most exhausted as a mom. Just one of the many ways that my kids seem to know how to push my buttons.

There may be no word that is dreaded more in the vocabulary of all moms than the word, meltdown. However, your toddler’s meltdown need not control the people around them. And, it need not carry on, and on, and on once you know some of these cool tricks that I have found helpful over the years.

Here are my 8 best tips for diffusing a toddler meltdown.

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When meltdowns occur, I find it helpful to find a different way for my kids to release some of the emotion and energy that is fueling their outburst. Maybe you will find some of these skills helpful the next time your child has come completely unglued.

Bubble wrap

Do you throw the bubble wrap that comes in packaging away? If so, don’t since it is perfect for getting out some of the preschool aggression that can come more often than we would like. Perhaps not just preschool aggression! The really big bubble wrap is the best since it simply requires the child to jump on it in order to pop it, and what could be better, really. I have often thought of trying it out myself a time or two!bubble-wrap-316133_1280

Punching bag

A simple punching bag can be a great way for kids to get out some extra energy or even to release tension. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just a simple little punching bag.

Pillow fight

A pillow fight is a fun and effective way to combat a meltdown. If done carefully and with caution to avoid injury, pillow fights can be such a great release.


Working with their hands by molding some clay or Play-Doh is a great way to release some stress. Not only is it a great distraction, but using their hands in this way like adults use a stress relieving ball is so effective in negating their stress.

Ripping up paper

Have your kids rip some colored paper into strips or shapes. Then, they can use these strips and shapes to make something like a card or just a picture.

Squirt guns

If the weather allows, squirt guns are so much fun, and there really is nothing better than pelting someone with water! child-72906_1280


I have one very active older son, and when his emotions get the better of him and after a trip running around the block, he is a new kid. This doesn’t really surprise me since I process emotion through running, too.

Tickle party

Although sometimes my kids growl at me when I try to diffuse their meltdown this way, it really does do the trick in a flash.

Toddler meltdowns (or big kid meltdowns) are never a fun time, but they can be dealt with in a way that you can maintain a sense of control. Knowing a few things ahead of time and choosing what works best in a situation will help you keep your sanity since it is generally not a good idea to have a mom meltdown along with them 🙂

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