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20 Free Outings With Kids

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Looking for some FREE outings with your kids? Tired of the same old thing? These are activities that are for kids of varying ages so there is sure to be something here to please the young ones in your life.

Finding things to do with kids that won’t break the bank is not hard, but it does take some thought. My favorite kind of activities are those that are free.  I find that in today’s society when many families are struggling, there is such a demand for finding these things.

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Some of these suggestions are more obvious than others, but a couple of my favorites I found quite by accident when needing to entertain little ones while waiting for older kids to complete an activity like a sports practice or a dance class.

Here are 20 super fun and FREE outings to take with your kids!outings with kids

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  1. A local greenhouse or flower store. We have a local flower store that I love visiting in February and March when the winters get to be so long. The store front opens up into their greenhouse, and the smell and sight of growing flowers are such a promise of the coming spring season. This store even has a couple of bunnies in a cage that the kids love visiting with.
  2. A local fire station. I find that the firemen and women are often open to giving the kids a tour, or you can always give a call ahead of time to see if it is a good time to come. When my older kids were little they got to pick a fun outing on their birthday, and my son always picked the fire station visit.
  3. The local mall.  We usually steer clear of the play equipment for various reasons, but even just a place to walk or run around if it’s not busy is a great way to let off some steam.
  4. Don’t forget about the library. My kids love just looking for books, but there are also a wealth of other things to do there, too. Somehow playing computer games there is just more exciting than playing computer games at home.
  5. Library classes and activities are great for kids of all ages. Ours has story time type things for younger children and then classes for my older kids at times, too, with things they are interested in learning about. The best part is that these things are usually free!
  6. The airport. This has changed somewhat now that security is tighter, but the airport is a great way to not only watch planes, but also just to have a wide open space to walk or run around. There is often a viewing area to visit with your car, too, where you can watch planes take off and land.
  7. Local farm. This usually requires a call ahead of time, but scheduling a field trip of sorts for just your kids or if you want to include a friend with their kids it can be a really fun time to explore and learn.
  8. A local horse stable or barn. There are almost always people around at a stable or barn who would be happy to show you around. Often times they are younger teen girls caring for the horses who will show you and your kids some of what the work around a barn entails.
  9. A local community center. There are often classes here, which is another great resource to tap into, but some times there are free things to do here, too.
  10. A senior community. My kids love talking to older people, asking them questions about the way things used to be, and a local senior community is a great place to find a wealth of older people who love talking about their lives as much as my kids love to listen.
  11. Of course there are parks and playgrounds. I find that no matter how many times little kids go to the same park or playground it is always a favorite. The older kids are usually willing to go if food is involved.
  12. Community pool or splash pad. Again, simple, but so much fun!
  13. The beach. Even if only for a picnic, if you have a beach nearby there is just nothing that beats the feeling of sand between your toes. Taking a cooler full of water to wash off feet and a change of clothes can make this a bit more little kid friendly when it comes to getting in the car and driving home.
  14. Craft store. A store like Michael’s keeps kids entertained for as long as you want since there are so many things to see there.
  15. Pet store or pet food store where there are animals up for adoption. Of course you will need to deal with the constant requests of what your kids want to bring home, but setting up guidelines ahead of time can help. Hours could be spent here.
  16. Large book store. Browsing around in a bookstore can be fun for both mom and the kids.
  17. Stores like Home Depot. These are usually wide open places with high ceilings and plenty of places for kids to roam, or run a bit if there are not many people around.
  18. Classes at stores like Home Depot. These are typically on Saturday mornings, and they are usually free. Your kids will learn to build something small, and get some basic building experience too!
  19. Warehouse store like Sam’s Club. If you have a membership here, a visit during times they are handing out samples is always thrilling for kids of all ages.
  20. Watch a local middle school soccer game, baseball game, or football game where there are no tickets needed. Just drive around on a Saturday morning and chances are you will find some options rather quickly!

Anything can be fun for kids if you present it as such. I have had to get a bit more creative with my younger kids who have to sit and wait through a practice or activity of some kind with busy older siblings. Life can get so exhausting if you spend the majority of your time within the same four walls. Getting out and exploring new things can be just what everyone needs.

What free activities do your kids enjoy?

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