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31 Ways to Grow Your Family’s Faith Through Summer Fun – Let’s Have Some Ice Cream

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Join The Intentional Mom community every day this August, for 31 days, for a new way to grow your family’s faith while having fun. These simple yet highly relevant activities will deepen your family’s love for God and for others while enriching relationships between you and your children as well. You won’t want to miss one. 

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ice cream

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Summer. Life moves slower, time is more plentiful, and the days never seem to end. Summer is the perfect time to be intentional in building faith and in building relationships while having some fun, too.

Is there anything better in the summer than ice cream?! Well, ice cream is great any time of the year, but it is especially refreshing during the heat of the summer. I have so many memories of my kids eating ice cream cones with ice cream dripping down their arms on those super hot days when you just can’t eat it fast enough!

Today, wouldn’t it be fun to have an ice cream sundae bar? Whether you do it as an afternoon snack, as dessert to go along with dinner, or maybe even for dinner (not that I am admitting to doing this, but there are times when all rules just need to go out the window!), but choose a hot part of the day when the ice cream will taste so good.

Gather all the supplies your family likes for their sundaes and let everyone have at it. The kitchen will get messy, the kids will get messy, and if you eat inside everything else will get messy, but the good thing is that everything washes up. I have a hard time remembering this and am so concerned with keeping things neat and clean that sometimes I forget about just throwing caution to the wind and having some fun.

Since it could be hard to do while you are in the midst of the sticky mess, after you are done, talk about how God’s word is like a cool, refreshing breeze on a cool day. Relate the yummy coolness of an ice cream sundae to the way reading God’s word brings relief to our hot bodies. Reading the Bible is also a special treat, just as a sundae is. Spending time in God’s word always refreshes our souls.

Focus on Psalm 19:7, which reads, “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.”

End your time together thanking God for the Bible and for the refreshment that it brings.

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