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10 Ways To Fake Your Way To a Clean Home

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Let’s face it. There is a time to clean the house, and then there is a time to fake a clean house. You know what I mean? Or, you might need to fake a clean house when a family member announces they are dropping by in 30 minutes. You might need to fake a clean house when you’ve been sicker than sick for more than a week. It might also be that you need to fake a clean house just for your own sanity since you know it will be a while before you can actually clean the house the good ol’ fashioned way.

There are some pretty quick things that are simple and to the point that can really make you feel (and others think) that you’ve been working on cleaning your house all day. Although these are simple things to do, they pack a big punch when it comes to taking your home from chaos to calm.

Here are 10 ways to fake your way to a clean home.

clean home

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1. Make the beds

I know some don’t like making the beds because it invites bedbugs and other critters to fester. So, if this isn’t your thing then by all means, don’t. However, it is amazing how much cleaner your home can feel with beds that are made.

2. Straighten and fluff couch pillows and blankets

This is another one of those things that takes next to no time but can make a world of difference. A nice clean and inviting couch is such a welcoming sight.

3. Clean up toys

Toys. They can quickly overtake a room. And, kids can do amazing things with their toys since the kids who live in my home seem to have mastered the art of trashing a room in about two seconds flat.

4. Clear kitchen counters and tables

What is it about the flat surfaces in the kitchen that makes clutter congregate and even multiply? The kitchen is often a gathering place, which makes it a prime target for things to become a cluttered mess quickly. But nice clean counters and table surfaces that are clutter free and wiped to a sparkling shine are such a treat.

5. Get rid of paper clutter

Paper clutter drives me nuts, and piles of papers all over can make a house look trashed in a hurry. Tuck them out of sight to deal with later.

6. Wash windows with visible handprints

Notice I said visible? There is a time for washing the windows well, and then there is a time for just taking care of what’s dirty and not worrying about the rest. The window in my front door, the sliders in my kitchen, and the living room windows behind the couch are forever covered in grimy handprints. Give the grimy windows in your life a quick wipe down.

7. Clean bathroom mirrors

If you’ve got kids, I’m guessing you have mirrors that get splattered with who knows what in a hurry. It only takes a minute or two to wipe them down, but give them a quick clean to make the whole bathroom feel cleaner.

8. Vacuum high traffic areas

The high traffic areas are a great place for food and debris of all kinds to get tracked. Of course vacuuming all the carpeted areas in your home should happen regularly, but when you just need the job done quickly, stick to the high traffic areas.

9. Dust dark or glass furniture

I find these are the worst pieces of furniture for showing the dust. White or lighter wood furniture doesn’t show the dust as much in my home. But if you’ve got certain furniture that just shows the dust, make sure those get dusted when you need a clean home in a pinch.

10. Hide clutter that you don’t have time to put away

A great tip is to carry a laundry basket through the house just picking up what is out of place to put away correctly later. A good declutter does a great job of faking a clean home.

We all have those times when we just need our homes to be clean but don’t have the time to actually make them clean. When you need a clean home in a flash, here’s how to fake it till you can make it that way.


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  1. I totally agree with that paper clutter really does make the entire room look disastrous. I like to use magazine holders for paper clutter. I usually leave them turned so I can access the stuff easily, but when company’s coming, I turn them around and wow, what a difference that makes.

    1. Yes! I do the exact same thing. Out of everything, paper clutter makes me the most crazy!!!

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