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Monday’s Inspirational Reads – Chapter Four

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Welcome to Thursday’s edition of our book club, Monday’s Inspirational Reads.

In chapter four, we are encouraged to protect our heart. This is such an important message that needs to be heard, and I am so glad that the author included it here.

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I was particularly intrigued by the section on signs of a guarded heart. I agree with the author’s statement because I know that at times I have fallen victim to all four of these.

It’s interesting that as I examine the relationships in my life, I can see that these four signs characterize different relationships. Notice I said characterize, not define, which means that the relationships that come to mind aren’t always in the same state, but it was an interesting realization on my part.

The first sign mentioned in lockdown. Obviously I think this is the most severe sign listed, and there really is nothing worse than having a heart that lets nothing in or out. It really is all about risk, isn’t it? We put up walls of protection because the risk of being hurt, betrayed, or negatively affected is just too great. I will admit, I have been here…more than once.

The open wide sign that she speaks of next seems to be those times when we allow ourselves to be trampled on. These are those times that we allow ourselves to be manipulated. These are those times that we take the verbal or even the physical abuse of others only to feel as though we are not worth standing up for. Actually, I think this sign would be as severe as the first.

Exit only is next. I find this interesting to think of within the context of something she says…when our heart is in exit only mode we can often feel exhausted. We give, and give, and give to others while not allowing anyone else to give to us. We ignore the warning signs that we often experience that signal to us that we are taking on too much, often to please others, and we just keep pouring out. I can certainly see how this is an unguarded heart. I am getting better at this though, I think maybe it comes with age, which I like to call wisdom 🙂

Entrance only. These are the people most often labeled as selfish. They are the takers. They (or we) are the ones who are only concerned about one thing – themselves. While I think we can all have selfish tendencies, dwelling in one of these areas for any length of time is certainly not where any of us belong. I will admit to being here at times, too. I am usually pretty good at recognizing that I am here, although sometimes I allow myself to stay there longer than I should.

There were countless other pieces of valuable information in this chapter, but I wanted to focus here for just a moment. I think it’s really valuable to look for these warning signs because it is so easy for us to cruise through life while having our hearts be open for being wounded. With a healthy, guarded heart, we would not fall into any of these scenarios.

What about you, where did you see yourself? Feel free to share here or on the Periscope broadcast to night at 9 pm EST!

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