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How to Nurture a Heart For Learning in Your Child – Thank You Notes

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how to nurture a heart for learning in your childThere is nothing that people love more than a sincere thank you note. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for kind deeds. Even if a thank you note is not expected, it is such a special surprise to receive.

Training kids to be thankful is so important, but teaching kids to express their thanks in the form of a note when appropriate is also beneficial. Here’s how to write a genuine thank you note.

First, kids must understand what a thank you note is:

  • A thank you note is a sincere appreciation for a kind gesture in written form.
  • Whenever someone goes out of their way to be kind in some way, a thank you note will almost always be appropriate.
  • Although it can be so hard for me to be prompt in sending a thank you or having my children send a thank you, it really is important to be prompt.homework-787270_1280

These are among the more common reasons for your child to write a thank you note:

  • When they have been given an unexpected gift
  • When they have been taken somewhere special that is out of the ordinary
  • When they have been over for a meal at a friend’s house
  • When someone has done something kind for them

How should a thank you note be written?

  • A thank you should include so much more than just the words “thank you”
  • A thank you note should include how the kind gesture made them feel..”It made me feel so special when…”
  • If a gift or some material item is involved, the note should include how the item will be used.
  • The note should be closed with another expression of thanks.

Being appreciative of others is something that is always welcomed. There is nothing like a classic thank you note to do the trick.

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