Five Things I Love This Week!

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Sundays are always a time of reflection on the week that has passed for me. I do take the time to pause as much as I can throughout the week on those moments that I just don’t want to forget.

If you haven’t taken the time to reflect back on what you’ve loved in the past few days, take the time to do it right now. You will be so happy you did!


My furry working buddy. He really does drive me crazy at times, but he is a great companion


This new purse. I do have a love for purses and bags, and there is a very long story behind this purse that one day I will share. It will be a while, but at this point I will say that it is wrapped up in my journey to becoming a

My growing belly. It is to the point where it is getting in the way, and I am again having to slow down on my workouts, but it is amazing to see how it has grown in the past few weeks. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was having twins!

Homeschooling. If you homeschool you know there are weeks that make you crazy and weeks that make you question, but this was one of the easy weeks when I know it is all worth it.


These cherry chocolate chip cookies. They are our Valentine’s Day treat so we only have them at this time of the year, but they are my absolute favorite cookie because they taste just just a chocolate covered cherry. The amount of these that I ate will forever remain undisclosed 🙂

There’s my list. What did you love this week? Please share in the comments!

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