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Don’t Miss Out on My Exciting News!!!

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Friday is just two days away, which is when my new e-course is being released!!!! If you are looking to transform the way you think about money, the way you handle your money, and your financial picture both now and in the future, then this course can provide you with the skills you need to do just that!

I have created an e-course, called How to Be Frugal, and it is just about ready to go. Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post for something you won’t want to miss.


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What is this course all about?

The course starts with the basics, which can only be creating a budget and then talking about financial goals. You have to know where you are and where you want to go before you can lay out what comes in-between.

From there we move into saving money in the kitchen because aside from housing costs, food expenses are generally the most costly in any family’s budget. It’s all about what we make, what we buy to make it, how we serve it, and how we plan ahead. We even talk about some of the common areas where people often spend money that maybe they shouldn’t be. In reality, small savings add up to big savings in the overall scheme of a monthly budget.

Next up is learning to tackle your pantry and freezer, and I provide the tools you need to do this with ease. It will still take time, but it can’t get any easier to do after you walk through the steps I provide.

We then talk about shopping other places that have nothing to do with food both in the store and online because over the years, I have learned numerous tricks in how to save money in all kinds of places. Lucky for you, you get my 20 years of discovery all in one place!

Then, I tackle coupons, which were overwhelming to me in the beginning and I know are overwhelming to others as well. Through the process I lay out, it truly can’t be any easier.

After talking about how to save money around the house, I address in great detail how to handle the hard stuff about saving money and living frugally because trust me, being frugal is anything but a cake walk all the time.

In each of the 10 units there are between 4 and 6 downloadable handouts, printables, or worksheets that will eventually be made available for sale individually for between $3 and $7 each, at least the majority of them will. The savings you will receive on these alone far exceeds the cost of the course by more than double!

Here a couple of really exciting things for you.

  • First of all, if you are not signed up for my email list, it would be beneficial for you to do that since those who are will get some savings on the course.


  • Second, I am giving away the first lesson in Unit One for FREE so you can see what the course is all about and learn what is perhaps the most valuable thing when it comes to being frugal…creating a budget.


  • All you need to do is click on the links below. There is one video (each unit contains a video), one lesson plan, and two downloadable pdf files that are everything you need to create your own budget.

This is the link for the video

How to Be Frugal Budget Unit One Lesson 1 Preview

How to Be Frugal Lesson One Preview Unit 1 Lesson 1 Preview

How to Be Frugal Budget Template


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