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Announcing: A New Series for Moms Starting Tomorrow!

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15 days for the weary momIt is finally here! The series that will bring hope and encouragement to young moms who are feeling like they are not cut out for this motherhood thing, moms who are ready to throw in the towel, moms who feel that what they are doing makes no difference, moms who feel like they are failing miserably, or moms who feel that they can’t be a mom for one more moment in addition to an entire host of other negative emotions that are weighing the moms of today down.

Do you find yourself in one of these places?

Awhile ago I asked young moms, many of whom I personally know, to send me their struggles, to share their frustrations, or to let me know what they want answers to from more seasoned moms who have been there, done that before. Many of us seasoned moms are still in the tenches but have kids who span a large age range.

I have gathered everything together, and I have created an awesome, helpful, encouraging, and insightful series to take us through the remainder of the month of May. If you are feeling weary or discouraged, this will be a great place for you to visit for the rest of the month.

Each day I will be tackling a new topic whether it is a direct answer to a question or a piece of wisdom that an older mother wished she had known when she was a young mom.

In many cases, the questions and topics I received from the young moms were included in the pieces of advice I received from the older moms. I guess this goes to show that as moms, we all share many of the same issues, have the same weaknesses, and feel inadequate in many of the same ways.

Just as a sneak peek, the series will cover juggling everything, learning to prioritize, how to take ourselves less seriously, and how to go on when you are simply spent before noon, and so much more!. There are some really great things here, and when we learn from each other, I think it is some of the best advice we can ever receive.

Come back tomorrow for the first post entitled: “What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!” Each day will be something new, and you won’t want to miss one of them. Even if you are an older mom, sometimes it can be so refreshing to know that the things we used to struggle with were not unique to us, either.

The best way to not miss a post in this series would be to subscribe, which you can do by clicking on the picture of the bucket of cleaning supplies in the upper left. It doesn’t cost anything, and I don’t do anything with your email information other than sending out the email at 7 p.m. every night that gives you excerpts from the posts of the day. Then you can click on what interests you and be taken directly to that post on my site. This way you won’t miss a thing in this series.

Feel free to comment throughout the series, too. Again, learning from each other is always such an effective way to learn.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and throughout the month of May!

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