Coming Soon: Questions From Young Moms Answered

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under construction final

So I am working on compiling all the questions submitted from young moms and pairing them with the pearls of wisdom from my panel of seasoned moms.  This is the last call for any of you young moms who have questions for an amazing group of older moms to ask away.  Either leave a comment here on this post, or, feel free to contact me through the contact from up above.  I am thinking it will be a series that will last at least a week at this point, maybe more if I get more questions in.

Don’t feel shy, no question is silly, trust me, I’ve had almost all the questions that all the young moms have asked when I was a young mom myself.  Remember, this is me!

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  1. Just happened upon your site and am loving it! I’m a youngish mom of 3 little ones, having recently become a stay at home mom for the first time. I’m struggling to build real connections with other SAHMs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. Thanks for your question, Elizabeth! I will add it in to the series! Thanks for reading!

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