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I Am That Mom (are you that mom, too?)

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There are times when I am that mom. Are there times when you are that mom, too?

Being a mom can be so hard at times. Exhausting, repetitive, messy, completely sacrificial, and so draining. I get it. I’ve been there. I am there. If you are feeling discouraged, know that you are not alone. Being a mom is hard work. It’s the hardest thing I have ever done, and there has been nothing that has brought me to higher highs or lower lows than being a mom.

We all do whatever we need to at times, just to come out alive, it seems. Life is full of seasons, and some threaten to suck the very life out of me. Can you relate?

It is during these seasons, it is while in the trenches of children who disobey, who challenge, and who know how to push our buttons, and it is when other aspects of our lives bring us to our knees that sometimes, we have to be “that mom.”


Just as the things on this list don’t happen all the time, the things on this list don’t define me as a mom, either. This is an important concept to grasp. In fact, maybe you should read that first sentence in this paragraph again. Savor it. Linger there for just another minute. Fully embracing and internalizing this idea can be so freeing.

This list showcases some of my finer moments…well not really. If there is one thing this list shows about being a mom, it’s that we can be resourceful 😉

Read my list, see if you can relate, and let’s remember that we are all in this motherhood thing together!


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  • I am that mom who bribes her children at times
  • I am that mom who sometimes uses electronics to keep my kids out of my hair
  • I am that mom who hides candy or the really good cereal so I can enjoy it all on my own
  • I am that mom who yells at my kids
  • I am that mom who takes “dirty” laundry and refolds it as though it is clean since I know it’s not actually dirty
  • I am that mom who has fallen asleep while teaching school
  • I am that mom who skips pages in a book to get to the end quicker
  • I am that mom who fed my children cereal for dinner, more than once
  • I am that mom who forgot to pick my child up from practice
  • I am that mom who used some bathroom paper towel for a diaper insert when I forgot one while out and about
  • I am that mom who forgot to bring a birthday treat for a child’s birthday
  • I am that mom who forgot it even was my child’s birthday until the wee hours of the birthday morning
  • I am that mom who forgot to be the tooth fairy
  • I am that mom who sometimes pretends not to hear a child’s question for the umpteenth time
  • I am that mom who made up an excuse to not do something for my kid, just because I didn’t want to do it

So if you find yourself being “that mom” with your own laundry list of less than admirable qualities and actions, know that you are not the only “that mom” around.  Know that your “that mom” moments don’t define you as a mom, just as they don’t define me. As you read my “that mom” moments, smile at your own “that mom” moments. Feel free to share your “that mom”experiences in the comments!

Are you feeling weary about being a mom and are looking for a bit more validation and some practical steps you can take today to help you in your role as a mom?

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