Five Things I Love This Week

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Can I just say what a crazy, amazing, overwhelming, and emotional week this has been?! I cannot believe how many things were packed into this past week, big things, and even now as I look back I am amazed at how everything unfolded.

I love focusing on 5 amazing things every week. It’s such a gift to me, and I love sharing them with you, too!

Here are the five things I’ve loved this week:

This book!

It’s done! I am so excited to have it ready for everyone to read since I know people have been excited. Don’t forget that it’s free through Monday only.

things i love

My son’s last football game

He has had an incredible year and it has been awesome to watch him, but since practices started last July, I am excited to be done with it for the season, especially since most games are freezing cold with rain or snow, like yesterday’s game.

things i love

This view this morning

Since I deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder and we can go weeks at a time without seeing the sun in Michigan from October through March, sights like this are like such a welcome sight. There are certainly clouds, but being able to see the sun at all is such a gift.

things i love

This book

It’s been such an inspiration to me, and it has come at just the right time. I’m so grateful to have been able to be on the launch team for such a transformational book.

things i love

My kids

They have kept me sane this week when life has seemed overwhelming. I even managed to catch a little cat nap one afternoon with my favorite three year old!

If you have never stopped to breathe in just a few moments of joy in your week, it is an amazing experience. Feel free to share what you’ve loved about your week in the comments.

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    1. I know! I think we just might be empowered enough to take on the world after reading it! In all reality, reading the book was the push I needed to get my own book out 🙂

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