Five Things I Love This Week 7/31

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I have been posting five things that I have loved each week for a while, and it is something that I love doing. It forces me to slow down and take notice of things along the way each week, and I always find that I have trouble narrowing it down to just five things.

If you have never tried this before, I highly recommend it. We can so easily remember all the things that went wrong in any given week, but it is remembering what went right that is such a blessing.


The nursing school books. They’ve come back out, and with them have come a flurry of emotions. Fear, dread, and even a bit of excitement all rolled into one. The emotion that we both feel the strongest, however, is resolve. It’s time to complete the final leg of this four year journey, and we have to walk through this fire for the next four months in order to do it. We’ve been waiting an extra seven months to get to the end…but it’t time to just get the party started. It’s not going away, let’s just get it over with. Three weeks and counting till it starts.


Training. I’ve decided to take on the triathlon that I swore I’d never do again. I need the challenge like I need air. As long as there are no kids’ commitments that leave me unable, I’ve signed on to take on the impossible.


Grace. This little girl is the constant reminder of God’s grace, which is so needed right now.


Celebrating one of my posts hitting the 200,000 share mark on Pinterest. I knew it would be this weekend, but there’s just something so cool about seeing that number there.


Working like this. I am so thankful to be able to work at home.

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