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The Christmas in July Sale You’ve Been Waiting For!

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It’s July 25. If you don’t know what that means in The Intentional Mom Community, it means it’s the best day of the year. Ever hear of Christmas in July? I bet you have!

Around here, this is the day you all wait the entire year for…well actually it’s 3 days.

July 25, 26 and 27 only, we are celebrating Christmas in July!

christmas july sale

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Here are all the cool offers you can take advantage of (& it’s the only time these offers are here during the entire year!).

There are two places to save for the Christmas in July sale: 

1. My money saving community

  • You can get your first month of my money saving membership community for free HERE (normally $29!) where you can save $200 or more just by changing a few things of the things you’ve been doing – or not doing – with your money.
  • Go HERE to check it out

2. My shop

  • You can save 25% on my resources in my shop YOU CAN FIND MY SHOP HERE with coupon code CHRISTMAS25
  • Save 50% with coupon code CHRISTMAS50 if the value in your cart is over $50 FIND MY SHOP HERE
  • And, anyone who spends more than $75 on their total purchase will get a FREE copy of my holiday guide & workbook. Just send me your receipt (a $30 value)

My shop has resources on clutter, cleaning, time management, saving money, setting goals, organizing your holidays and more. 

These also make great gifts – just email me at jenniferroskamp@theintentionalmom.com and I’ll tell you how to turn these digital resources into gifts for your friends and loved ones.

As a summer lover I truly do not like thinking about anything related to cold weather in July. But, I do love all the amazing sales on this wonderful day. So, I’ve created some fantastic ways to save money for you, too.

Just remember, that it’s only for three days ONLY!

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