Frugal Tip: Savings at the Pump

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Can you really score savings at the pump beyond just the price of gas? Actually you can, and finding savings at the pump might be easier than you think.

gas savings

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It really is possible to save on gas, not huge amounts, but every little bit counts. My husband drives more than an hour to school most days, and I drive a 12 passenger van, so we go through tons of gas. I have looked for savings everywhere I can on gas, and this is what I have come up with.

Gas Buddy

Do you consult Gas Buddy before filling up? I have the app on my phone and look at it every time I get close to needing gas. With a 30 gallon tank, a few cents makes a huge difference for me. It will for you, too, especially over time.

The local news, or even the national news at times will warn you of prices going up, so pay attention!

As soon as they say it, I run to the gas station, which sometimes isn’t even soon enough. Just pay attention to the news or consult your local news station’s website as they often post this kind of information there, too.  pistol-160119_1280

I have read that you should never let your tank get below a quarter of a tank

The reasoning behind this is to keep the fuel pump running as efficiently as possible, which means you will have to replace it sooner. Keeping our things, including our cars, is a very frugal tip!

On warm days especially, you should fill up during the cool parts of the day

This means that you will want to get gas either in the morning or in the evening since the gas is more dense during these times.  This means that you will get more gas for your money at that time.

Overfilling your tank can also be a problem

The reason this is true is because doing so can ruin the emissions canister, again causing you to have to replace it sooner…or at all.

Regular maintenance and checkups with a professional done in a timely fashion

Keeping your car running optimally really does make a difference in every way when it comes to saving money.

Don’t be first

This is basic, but so true. Driving is not a race, and accelerating too quickly just takes more gas. Period. Be patient and take your time. Easier said than done, I know.

If your budget is like mine, every little bit counts. Hopefully you don’t have as much driving as we have in our family, but regardless of how much you drive, you can take some simple steps to find savings at the pump.

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