20 Housecleaning Hacks For People Who Don’t Have Time To Clean

Cleaning is so hard for busy people. I know this first hand. With 10 people in my house I know how quickly things can get dirty, and every minute counts.

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For this reason, I’ve come up with some amazing household cleaning hacks for people who don’t have time to clean (me!)

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1. Use only one all-purpose cleaner since it’s less to worry about

Here’s my recipe for my green cleaner with essential oils.

2. Keep more than one bottle of this cleaner around

I keep one in my kitchen and in each one of my bathrooms.

3. Keep things where you use them

If you use your mop in the kitchen, keep it in or very near your kitchen

4. Clean things as they get dirty

Don’t wait until the scheduled day to clean up the spill in the fridge, clean it when you see it

5. Dust with socks on your hands

6. Get a vacuum that is light enough for everyone in the family to carry around and use

This vacuum below is a dream! Nothing compares to a high quality, lightweight vacuum, like this one. This one nearly propels itself and makes vacuuming go so much quicker. Just click on it for details. It truly is worth its weight in gold!

7. Vacuum all carpets at the same time rather than room by room and save time

8. A cotton ball with a few drops of essential oil in the bag or canister makes your home smell so nice and clean

9. Work from top to bottom when cleaning in any room

This way, dust and dirt don’t fall down and then dirty the area you’ve already cleaned

10. Keep clean rags for spills right in your kitchen

For a long time, I kept them with all my other cleaning rags and towels, which is totally inconvenient.

11. Not all glass cleaners are created equal

In my opinion, nothing compares to this one, not even when I made my own. Click on it for more details!

12. Do every day cleaning in common areas every day

For instance, I am down on my hands and knees wiping up the floors in and around my eating and kitchen area every day. This means I have to do the full floor washing less frequently since the floors are primarily always clean

13. Line the bottom of your refrigerator drawers with paper towel

Do this, and you’ll have easy cleaning when they get dirty

14. Heat up your rag

Make dried on messes of all kinds easier to clean by microwaving your rag for about a minute first

15. Clean baked-on oven stains the easy way

Do this by sprinkling on some baking powder and then covering with some vinegar. Then, let it sit for 10 minutes and viola!

16. Sanitize all rags when you are done using them by microwaving them for two minutes

The steam keeps you from having to clean your microwave.

17. Keep a cleaning rag right in the shower

Do a quick scrub down while taking a shower every time and cleaning it is a breeze

18. Clean your shower head with no fuss

Clean your shower head by filing a ziplock sandwich bag with vinegar and securing it right around the showered with a rubber band. After 10 minutes, it should be sparkly clean

19. Prevent rust

Prevent rust stains in your shower from the metal shaving cream can by putting a coat of nail polish around the bottom of the can.

20. It’s ok to cheat sometimes

It’s totally ok to cheat on the real cleaning sometimes. When you do, the “real cleaning” will be even quicker and easier. Be sure you grab my cleaning tasks cheat cheat by entering your email below!

Grab Your Free Cleaning Cheat Sheet

Grab your free cleaning cheat sheet & some other cool stuff

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Don’t let cleaning stress you out, and with these hacks, it’s always possible to get some decent cleaning done.

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  1. Don’t soak a showerhead in vinegar if it has rubber nozzles or other rubber parts. The vinegar is very bad for rubber. But one can just massage the rubber tips to break up any clogs, even while showering.

  2. What is the glass cleaner you are recommending?

    • Jennifer says:

      ah! Great save! Thank you for letting me know I forgot to put it in there. I stuck it in the post now. I can’t live without it!

  3. These are all great tips! Pinning for later 🙂

    Our house seems dirty all the time with a new puppy. Love the tip about cleaning top to bottom. I can’t tell you how many times I have swept crumbs from the counter onto a freshly cleaned floor. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    And you forgot number 21: make your kids clean!! 😉