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Here’s How You Can Be Armed & Ready For the Winter Season This Year

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I received free product and compensation from hydraSense® to write this post. All
opinions are my own.

Disclosure: Please note that I am not a medically trained professional. I have provided
an overview of what has worked for my family but please consult with a professional for
any health-related questions.

If there is one thing I am very aware of as someone who lives in Michigan, it is that the winter can be brutal. And, with a large family I need to ensure we are prepared.

When one person in our family isn’t feeling their best, it can affect everyone else. This is exactly why I need to be proactive before the season hits us full force.

Over the years I have become a pro at making sure that we have prepared ahead of time.

And, you can now benefit from the things I’ve learned.

Check your stock now

Do you have all the supplies you need? Are you running low on things like tissues, any
medicines or pain relievers, and any other comforts your family members like when they
are sick? Now is the time to check your stock on these things.

Create a list of things you need

Creating a list of the things you need and then keeping it with you is a great way of stocking up as you can. There is nothing worse than trying to remember what you need when you’re already at the store. Make the list and take it with you. Picking up things as you go makes getting these things so simple.

Check out what’s new

Sure, you may have products you know and love, but advancements are made each year, resulting in new and better products to help your family. With the desire for non- medicated products, manufacturers are listening to the needs of today’s moms.

As a mom of eight, I love products that provide drug-free care for my family. With the dry air during the winter, dry nasal passages can be a real problem for the kids in my home, especially for my youngest ones who are more sensitive than the older kids. Not only is this uncomfortable, but we also have multiple bloody noses to deal with
if their noses get dry.

This year I have discovered hydraSense® Daily Nasal Care to help me care for the uncomfortable noses in my home. Made with mineral-rich, 100% naturally sourced seawater from the Bay of Saint-Malo, France; the purified seawater solution is so easy on noses yet effective in combating the winter dryness we face in our family for six months every winter.

Flu Season Tips to Keep You Healthy

Not only have I found hydraSense ® to be effective, but also it is drug-free, which is important to me. It’s available right in the children’s medicine aisle only at Walgreens or walgreens.com, and since I am there every week it’s easy for me to keep it on hand.

Since it’s available at Walgreens, you also have the convenience of ordering online to have it shipped right to your door.

My little boys are not fans of using nasal sprays, but the ease of hydraSense ® daily nasal care line quickly won them over.

Visit hydraSense.com for more information about the daily nasal care line.

I’m excited to invite you to join with other moms who want drug-free hydration for their little ones in the Sea. The Difference. with hydraSense ® this year.

Flu Season Tips to Keep You Healthy


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