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Keeping Marriage Hot…Even When You’re Busy!

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 The fact that two innately selfish human beings are attempting to live together in harmony while embracing the peaks and valleys that come their way is quite an interesting phenomena indeed. Marriage is so very interesting.
Then, throw into the mix things like jobs, raising kids, family, community, and other kinds of obligations and couples are busy. Marriage can get messy in the midst of all this, and before you know it husbands and wives can be like two ships passing in the night. Actually, in my case, my husband has been working nights for years so we are like two ships passing at who knows what time!
Are you and your husband busy? Do you find it hard to make the time for one another? Do you long for more time to focus on one another and a marriage that resembles the love scenes from The Notebook?
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While I can’t promise it will be easy, I can promise that with some intention, you can have a marriage that is hot – even in the midst of a busy life.
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