Make It, Make Due, or Do Without

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make it, make due, do without

Did you happen to miss my frugal mantra that I shared here?  It’s worth repeating.  Maybe it would help you stay on track to meeting your own financial goals!


When truly embracing a frugal lifestyle, there is a total mind shift that is necessary, and this mindset led me to this mantra: Make it, make due, or do without.

  • Make it.  There are countless things that can be made rather than bought.  Mixes for cookies, cakes, and brownies, salad dressings, beans (rather than canned beans), hot chocolate mix, granola bars, oatmeal packets, and hummus.  Falling into this category would also be repairing things.  I am proud to say that my husband and I can officially add “washer repair” to our list of accomplishments.  We are fortunate to live in a world with youtube, and there is a video out there for nearly anything you need to know.  Pinterest is also a great source, this is how I found out how to remove crayon from walls, marker from the face of an American Girl doll, and how to change the printer head in my printer.
  • Make due.  This means fixing things that are broken, worn out, faded, or in some other way past their prime.  This may even mean covering your couch with a blanket to hide the enormous hole in the cushion.  This could also mean layering more clothes to stay warm rather than buying something new, and repurposing something like shower curtain rings to hold scarves.
  • Do without.  This list really could be endless.  It includes things like a coffee house coffee, dinners out, and new clothes, but it also means staying away from influences that encourage you to buy what you don’t need.  I can speak from experience that it is very easy to buy something because it is the deal of a lifetime, but if you can live without it, it is not a deal, unless of course it is free 🙂

Living frugally means so many different things, and my blog is a wealth of information on how to do just that.  But something that I found to be of great value is just to repeat the above mantra when I am *thinking* of doing something that is a bit less than frugal.  Somehow just repeating it helps me keep my head in the game.

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