Recipe: Frugal Black Beans

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Have you ever prepared your own black beans? It is so easy, and black beans are part of so many amazing recipes, too.

Preparing your own dried beans rather than buying cans is a way to save a decent amount of money for next to no work. I also make my own refried beans, too, which is something else we use all the time in our kitchen. When you are the one making them, you are also controlling what goes into them. The canned varieties have so much sodium…not so when you make your own.

Curious? Here’s how to make your own black beans that are ready to dump in recipes.

black beans

Because I needed more black beans for dinner this week anyway, I stocked the freezer with more black beans. It is so easy to make your own beans. It is literally just boiling them and then cooking them until they get to be the consistency you like them.

You will need to add water along the way. Mine take a good three to four hours. You will want to wait for them to cool before freezing them.

Beans can be stored either in freezer bags or containers, and I like to freeze them in portions that I need for recipes, that is generally about 1 1/2 cups. I use quart sized freezer ziplock bags to store mine.

I have used this same method with every kind of bean you can imagine. I also shared a recipe for making refried beans in Easy Peasy Refried Beans.

Preparing your own beans is so easy and so frugal. Never buy the canned ones again!

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