Podcast Episode 1: 6 Mantras For Intentional Moms

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In today’s world there is no shortage of opportunities for women and moms to feel overwhelmed, overburdened, overworked, overlooked, and pretty much just over it.

In this post we’ll explore 6 different mantras you can tuck into your back pocket to haul out whenever you find yourself having “a moment.” Maybe you’re struggling to find motivation, trying to solve a problem life threw at you, or just wishing you could crawl back into bed to start the day over (maybe after sleeping for a few days), whatever the reason is for needing to feel seen, heard, and supported, these mantras are the right tool for the job!

Using the mantras Jennifer, a Certified Life Coach and the founder of The Intentional Mom™ as well as a homeschooling mom of 9 herself, uses with her coaching clients every day, you’ll feel empowered, inspired, and confidently equipped to face whatever is right in front of you and is yet to come.

In this Episode of The Intentional Mom Podcast You’ll Gain:

  • Insight into what makes daily life so challenging at times
  • Powerful mantras relevant to any woman
  • Scenarios in which to use these powerful mantras
  • How to make these mantras relevant to YOU and YOUR life

Resources We Shared In This Episode:

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