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What a great way to end this book, huh?

Chapter 10 is great, and there were so many things that encouraged me.

I love how she uses the word resilient. The truth is, when trials come our way we can choose to cower in the corner, or we can choose to face them head on. When we choose the second option, we get stronger, we learn things of great value, and yes, we become resilient.

inspirational reads

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In reading this chapter I was reminded of the times that I’ve faced trials and repeated to myself over and over, “this trial doesn’t define me, and this trial won’t break me.” The times I repeated this to myself made me stronger each and every time.

A couple of my favorite quotes from this chapter are:

from page 195, “The problem with thinking in small and intermediate terms is that we tend to see so many obstacles in right in front of us. “ I really love this concept and totally agree. It is so easy to see the obstacles isn’t it?

from page 198, “How do we know what’s really best? Even when we think we know, where we often end up leaves us feeling hollow. Or life circumstances make it clear that the dream we defined as “success” isn’t going to happen the way we’d imagined.”

So often our dreams come to fruition in a way that is quite different from the way we envisioned them to be. Interestingly, it is still okay when they do. I’ve learned that it is even okay when my dreams never even get off the ground.

When they don’t, I’m simply more resilient than I was before…and resiliency is a very good thing.

I hope you have loved this book as much as I have. My copy will be going in a prominent place on my shelf because like the author says, there will be times when I will need it again. The trials and struggles never really end, do they?

We have now finished this book, but don’t forget that next Monday we are already taking on our next book.

Grab your copy, and be ready to take on 3 chapters a week this time around. It shouldn’t really be any more time on your part.

The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands

This is an amazing book, you won’t want to miss it!

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