Is That a Want Or a Need? How You Can Tell the Difference

Looking to have more money? In the video below, I am giving you some amazing tips for knowing whether the things you buy are a want or a need. So often we think we're buying something that is a need, only to feel guilty about it because after purchasing it, we felt guilty. We spend money we feel bad … [Read more...]

Pantry Staples List: Save Time, Stress & Money (free checklist!)

Everyone knows how easy it is to end up in the drive-thru lane when you’re looking for something to make for dinner and you don’t have anything to do for meals at home. Having a well-stocked pantry can help you stay out of the drive-thru lane and make more homemade meals for your family. Stocking … [Read more...]

Stress Free Gift Shopping: The Secrets You’ve Been Missing

Can the words “stress free” and “gift shopping” live in perfect harmony? They certainly can if you put forth a little effort year round. Shopping for presents is such a fun process, but nothing beats being able to peruse for gifts in your very own home. Actually, stress free gift shopping starts … [Read more...]

Visiting an Amusement Park With Kids? Here’s What You Need to Know

Visiting an amusement park sure is fun, but it can be overwhelming to actually plan for. As if that’s not enough, trying to keep everyone safe while there can also bring an entirely new set of stressors into the picture. There’s hope, however, and as a mom of 8, I’m going to share my best tips with … [Read more...]

Your 9-1-1 Guide for Moms in Need of Rescue!

When we are in the thick of being a mom, things can go South in a big hurry, leaving our heads to spin. We can be blind sighted, we can be thrown off our feet, and we can be left begging for mercy...but who do we beg? Who can come to our rescue? Before we go any further, I created something just … [Read more...]

Why I Packed My Kids Things Up & Why You Should Too

Are you wondering why I packed my kids’ things up? Does it seem even more extreme that I still do it? If so, hear me out. It’s not as bad as it sounds. As we talk about having less stuff, we will be talking about having experiences together instead. I've created the perfect way for you to do … [Read more...]

Have More Money in 10 Days or Less!

Creating a budget. Does anyone really love to do this? I suppose maybe if you’re a numbers person and aren’t ever trying to make ends meet, it might be ok. But, for the large majority, numbers can be scary, and trying to make ends meet can be exhausting. Do you have a budget? Does the budget you … [Read more...]

Drugstore Hacks: How To Save Big at Stores Like Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid

Drugstores are one of the most overlooked places when it comes to saving money. I know I used to think that drugstores were where you went for prescriptions, over the counter medication, and the occasional gallon of milk when you run out. Boy, was I wrong! In reality, you can score some amazing … [Read more...]

How Facebook Can Save You Thousands of Dollars a Year

Although Facebook can be a distraction at times, have you tapped into one of the many frugal opportunities that being part of Facebook can provide? If you haven’t joined one of your local Facebook garage sale groups, then you have been missing out on countless opportunities to score some amazing … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Preschooler For Their First Day of School

Today is all about preschoolers! So often when we think of back to school we think of older kids. We arrange their schedules, we get the school supplies they need, we get them to their practices, arrange their carpools, and send them off on their way to conquer the world. But, what about … [Read more...]

DIY Brownie Mix With a Healthy Twist

*Thank you to Bob's Red Mill for partnering with The Intentional Mom for this recipe Do you love traditional brownie mix but are looking for a healthier option? Look no more! These are packed full of just a bit of healthy goodness that your kids won’t even know is in there. Finally, healthier … [Read more...]

Mess Be Gone!!! The Secret That Will Save Your Sanity

Is there anything that can drive us more crazy that a mess? Wouldn't it be nice to wave a magic wand and say, "Mess be gone!?" It seems like no matter where you turn, you are looking at it, you are stepping on it, you are living with it. The mess. I live in a family of 1o, and if there is one … [Read more...]

Sanity Saving Summer Break Tips For Exhausted Moms

Summer break can be an adjustment for a family, especially for a mom whose normal routines have been disrupted with kids who are now home from school. Having kids at home will change so much more than schedules and routines, however. You may find yourself wondering how to make it through the summer … [Read more...]

16 Sanity Saving Tips For Surviving the Back to School Frenzy!

Can you believe that back to school is already right around the corner?! This is unbelievable to me. I say it all the time, but where has the summer gone?! For those of you who have been locked in oppressive heat for much of the summer, fall could be a welcome relief. However, I live in the … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways You Can Drink More Water This Summer

Water is so important year-round, but especially during the summer. It is amazing how much water we lose on a daily basis, and this is only multiplied when the weather gets warmer. Making sure to drink enough water is important when trying to lose or maintain weight as well because often when we … [Read more...]