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30 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Take 30 Minutes or Less! FREE Checklist

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It’s that time of year where the sights and sounds of spring begin to unfold, which is an especially welcome sight for those of us who live in the North. After being cooped up behind closed windows and doors for six months or more, I am more than ready to see things sparkle and shine again. I think there is something so refreshing about turning the page on winter and welcoming in the newness of spring. Maybe, you’re like me because sometimes it’s helpful to have a checklist of household things to clean that are quick to really get my cleaning motivation on, and that’s where this list of spring cleaning ideas comes in.

I find that having a list of spring cleaning ideas also comes in handy because I don’t need to take the time to think about what to do. I only need to get in there and start cleaning!

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

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A few years ago, I created this list of projects that I can complete in 30 minutes or less to take the overwhelm out of coming up with what to do. When I have 30 minutes, I can just grab something off the list and get right to it. Once they are done, there is more time for doing what I want to do rather than always having to do what I have to do.

And honestly, 30 minutes is about all the time I get at one time.

This list won’t get everything done (I have more than 2 bedrooms and 5 windows for instance). But, the spring cleaning ideas listed here can be used as a baseline and repeated as often as necessary to get your entire home fresh, clean, and ready for spring.

Here is a checklist of 30 spring cleaning tasks you can get done in 30 minutes or less – and GO!

spring cleaning ideas checklist free printable

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Here are the first 10 spring cleaning checklist ideas:

  • wipe out the inside of your kitchen cupboards


  • wash approximately 10 average sized bedroom windows windows on the inside only


  • thoroughly clean 2 regular sized showers, making a paste of Bon Ami and using a scrub brush (my favorite shower deep clean method)


  • clean out and organize 1 kids bedroom closet


  • clean out and organize 2 kids’ dressers with 2 drawers each


  • vacuum the dust off 10 medium sized lamp shades



  • clean two glass sliders inside and out


  • steam clean the carpet in 2 average sized bedrooms


  • remove all the cushions and thoroughly vacuum out three couches

"What do I do for spring cleaning?" Here are 30 SIMPLE spring cleaning ideas with a free spring cleaning checklist printable to make your home clean & organized FAST. Spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you want to do. FREE spring cleaning checklist printable!

Here are the second 10 cleaning checklist ideas:


  • strip and wash all bedding on 2 queen beds, and then remake them


  • when the sheets are off rotate and vacuum the 2 mattresses for another 30 minute project


  • take down 5 pairs of curtain panels, take them outside and furiously shake them out, then rehang them


  • empty, sweep, and put everything back into a 2 stall garage



  • thoroughly wipe down 6 bedroom/bathroom/closet doors – inside and out


  • clean out your microwave and your dishwasher (yes, you should clean out your dishwasher)


  • scrub your oven racks and thoroughly clean the stovetop surface


  • clean out, wipe out, and reorganize a bathroom vanity


  • wash the outside of 3 average sized windows using soap and water, then window cleaner

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Here are 10 more spring cleaning tasks to add to your checklist:

  • vacuum or wipe down 2 average sized blinds, slat by slat


  • wipe down all parts of 4 ceiling fans


  • vacuum out 10 register vents for heat/air


  • give a patio set with a table and 4 chairs a good scrub down with soap and water


  • reorganize a linen closet


  • dust all the baseboards in your house


  • thoroughly clean your grill


  • clean several kids toys by putting them through the washer in a mesh bag like this one…think legos, Little People, Littlest Pet Shop, pretend food, and so many other things



  • wipe down all doorknobs, light switches, and handrails in your house

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If you’ve got spring cleaning on the brain, here is a list of projects that you can tackle without having to put the time and effort into thinking about what needs to be done. Now, all you need to do is get started!

If you get this list done, you will feel awesome! Then, sit back and admire your work!

Don’t forget to grab your spring cleaning checklist below!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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  1. “empty, sweep, and put everything back into a 2 stall garage”

    This would only work for me if the only thing I had in the garage was my car! I don’t think I could even uncover the top of my workbench in 30 minutes! 🙂

  2. I am slowly working my way through this list, although there are a few things I tend to forget about, such as the lamp shades and inside the cupboards. Thanks for reminding me!

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