How I Finally Lost Weight Without Being Hungry

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If you were to look in some sort of dictionary or online resource under “skeptical,” you would find my picture when it comes to losing weight without being hungry. Or, when it comes to losing the baby weight, for that matter. Baby weight – I’ve been there NINE times since I’ve got nine kids. I never had trouble losing weight after having babies, at least until it came to baby number nine. It could also have something to do with being older (ahem, read I’ve given birth in my 40s…twice). But, I wasn’t happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror. And, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. But, is it even possible to lose weight without being hungry?

If you’re not interested in reading about my weight loss story and just want to know how I did it, check out the program I used HERE

Note: this program is NOT free, but I’ve come to learn that we value what we pay for. This is why I was willing to finally pay for the help I needed.

First things first

Before we go any further, I should probably say I’m not a dietitian, doctor, or in any way qualified to give advice on losing weight. I am simply sharing my weight loss story – what worked for me…finally.

From my experience, losing weight isn’t just about exercising or working out. I had tried both parts on their own. In fact, I had even tried watching what I ate and working out (I’ve been a runner, triathlete, and have even lifted weights for more than 20 years). But, watching what I ate just never worked.

Starving myself didn’t help me lose weight either

You guessed it, I tried that, too. In fact, I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder in my life. Years ago when I was first married. I did lose weight back then. By starving myself. It was not pleasant, and I did not want to do that again. Not to mention that I went to counseling for a while to work through that – and I knew enough to know that I was not interested in going back there. Although I wanted to lose weight, I knew starving myself wasn’t the answer. And, I knew how slippery that slope is so I knew I couldn’t even put one toe on that path again.

Committing to losing weight took a few years

I had wanted to lose weight for a few years. I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I hated that my clothes didn’t fit. I felt awful pretty much anytime I ate, simply because I was frustrated no matter what I did or didn’t eat.

But finally, I had enough.

As a mom, I finally needed to prioritize myself and my health in order to lose the weight

After a few years of being in that unhappy place, I finally decided that no matter what it took, I would do it. No matter which program I used to lose weight, I decided that no matter the cost or time commitment, I was worth it. And coming to that decision did take me a few years. But, I believe that it was that commitment that finally opened the door to me losing the weight.

Now that I’ve set the stage, let’s talk about what finally clicked.

Here’s how I was able to lose baby weight without being hungry

lose baby weight without starving

By the way, not only am I not hungry with this program, I often struggle to eat everything I am supposed to!

I was finally fed up with what I looked like

I do think when it comes to losing weight, you have to get to that point. Whether you don’t like what you see in the mirror, can’t afford to buy bigger clothes, or are experiencing limitations that frustrate you, you’ll have to get to the point where I did when you decide that you’re worth it.

It might even be worthwhile for you do decide that your family is your motivation. Maybe you have trouble keeping up with your kids. Maybe you’re married and feel self conscious around your spouse.

Whatever the reason, you have to decide you’re ready to put in the work to make the change you want to see.

Find a weight loss program that intrigues you

I found the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program. And, it was a quick decision for me. I read a few reviews, and then I just decided to commit. I knew that what I had tried didn’t work, and I knew I didn’t want to go to go it alone.

What I liked about their program is that it focused on both diet and exercise. I knew enough to know that true weight loss and a lifestyle change needed to incorporate both for me.

I also liked that the program seemed up front. They let me know that it was going to be work, and that there is no magic wand.

Honesty and transparency means a lot to me, and this program has that.

I knew that being hungry would make it impossible for me. This is why I knew I needed a program that would help me lose weight without being hungry.

lose baby weight without starving

Be willing to put in the work

No weight loss program is a magic wand. And, when it comes to losing weight, whether baby weight or otherwise, it will take work.

You will have to face who you are. You will have to make changes. And, you’ll have to make sacrifices. Lots of them. But, it didn’t take me long to realize that the sacrifices would pay off. If, like me, you start experiencing weight loss or even just a change in how you look or how your clothes fit, you will be encouraged to keep going. I think this made a huge difference for me.

Losing weight without starving means you have to trust the process

Because I knew what I had been doing wasn’t working, I also knew that I needed to be open to something different. And all the success stories in the Faster Way helped keep me going. I felt like if others could do it, I could do it, too. For this reason, I was willing to trust the process.

weight loss program for moms

Some days are just going to be easier than others to stick with the program, but after losing 34 pounds in 8 months I can tell you that it is possible to lose weight without being hungry.

Have a weight loss community to encourage and help you

The Faster Way program has community built right in. Lots of it. For me, it was hard to be vulnerable and open at first, but I think this was one of the keys to what finally helped me lose the baby weight. Although some of it was just regular weight, too.

Get the help of an expert to guide you in losing weight – especially to help with what to eat

This is something else that is built into the Faster Way program. You’ll have a coach from day one. And, this coach is there to help you. Use that help. Your coach will also offer encouragement. This is also so helpful when it comes to not only losing weight, but also in making healthy lifestyle choices.  Your coach will also help you make the right decisions.

I once texted with my coach while standing in the grocery store wondering what to buy.

The coaches at the Faster Way want you to succeed. This helps make you want to succeed, too.

Know that your weight loss journey will be unique

This was something I realized early on. While others in my Faster Way community were experiencing victories, mine were slow in coming. I will say my clothes did start to fit differently rather quickly, but the scale didn’t budge.

I should say in the Faster Way they encourage you to focus on non-scale victories and to not even step on the scale. True to my more rebellious nature, I didn’t totally listen to this piece. But, I probably should have.

What I did learn in time, however, is that my body loses weight a bit differently. For me, I hit plateaus where I lose nothing. And then after a long period of time, I lose a bunch.

This happened time and time again, so I just learned this is how my body loses weight. This is where trusting the process became so important for me.

To this day, this is how my body loses weight. I think it’s just reluctant. But, trusting the process and remaining committed is key for me.

lose weight with a healthy lifestyle

Know that there might be some setbacks in your weight loss journey

As with anything, it won’t always be positive. You’ll make decisions you feel crappy about. You’ll deal with guilt and frustration at times, And yes, you might even gain a pound or two here or there.

But, it’s important to remember that change is hard. Forming new habits while breaking old ones takes time. And, you won’t always get it perfect. Believe me, I didn’t always get it right. But one thing my coach told me is that your body remembers what you do most often. This brought me a ton of comfort and helped me dump the guilt when I messed up more times than I can count.

When it comes to losing weight, be patient

It’s not just about losing weight. When I had an eating disorder and starved myself, the weight came off much faster than it did this time around. But, it’s pretty easy to realize that losing lots of weight quickly isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The age-old parable that reminds us that slow and steady wins the race comes to mind here.

The thing Is, you’re likely not looking just to lose weight. Wrapped up in there somewhere is probably also the desire to live a healthy lifestyle, Somehow when I look at weight loss from the desire to be healthy for a lifetime, I immediately feel more prepared for the process to take time.

Go into your weight loss journey knowing that you’ll have to be patient. It will save you so much heartache in the end.

My guess is it took time to put weight on. By that same token, it will also take time to lose weight.

Follow the program

Whether you are using the Faster Way to Fat Loss as I did or a different program you trust, follow the program. At least until you find a reason not to (if you do). Be aware of what your body is experiencing. Try to be in tune with that you’re physically feeling. And, if it doesn’t feel right, it might be time to investigate the program a bit more.

But, if you don’t ever have cause for concern (I have not with the Faster Way), follow the program. Put in the work, put in the time, and put in the money.

If you put forth the time and effort to join a program of some kind, follow the program unless you discover a reason not to.

lose weight without being bungry

Track your progress

I didn’t do this a lot in the beginning, and I wish I would have. It’s much easier to make sacrifices when you see the fruit of your labor. The Faster Way encourages you to take measurements, to take pictures, and to be aware of how you feel, how your clothes fit, and what you’re experiencing. These are all great markers to pay attention to when you’re trying to lose weight.

No matter what program you’re using to lose weight, baby weight or otherwise, track your progress.

I’ve taken pictures, tried on too small clothes at times, and asked those close to me for what changes they see.

These were all ways that I was able to track my progress throughout my weight loss journey, and they all helped me so much.

Make it easy for yourself to follow your weight loss program

When you’ve committed to whatever weight loss program you’re using, even if it’s just watching what you eat, make it easy for yourself to follow the rules. Set yourself up for success. Be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to following a diet plan or exercise program.

For me, this includes things like cooking foods and putting them in the freezer, planning my meals for the day in the morning, prepping ingredients ahead of time, and paying attention to what I have going on in the week. I also need to make sure I have quick snacks and things I can eat to grab if I need to eat in a pinch.

Also, I schedule my workout time, I make sure I enjoy my workouts, and having workout buddies sure helps.

Planning ahead however you can to make following your weight loss program easier is a key to your success.

lose weight without being hungry

Recognize that being healthy should be a lifetime goal

This is why I chose the Faster Way program. I felt like their plan was a solid lifestyle plan. Their program was sustainable for the long haul. I wasn’t deprived and eager to get back to the way things used to be. I felt good about the changes I was making, I felt healthy, and the results helped me as well.

Some days and weeks the progress might be slow, but this is when you need to focus on the fast that you are looking to lose weight without being hungry.

Recruit someone to follow the same weight loss program

I offhandedly mentioned the Faster Way to  my sister, and she ended up joining, too. This has been perhaps the biggest key to my success. I have someone I can talk with about the program with, and we can even commiserate together at times. It helps me to know that she’s doing the same workout that I am each day, and we often hold each other accountable. When we are together it’s even easier to make good choices. If at all possible, try to find someone you know who will do the same program for all the encouragement, accountability, and simply being able to talk things over with someone who understands what you’re doing. Making sacrifices with someone somehow makes them feel like smaller sacrifices.

lose weight without being hungry

Celebrate your weight loss wins

No matter how small, celebrate your weight loss wins. Share them with others. Reward yourself in some way. Being able to celebrate your wins breeds motivation. When you can see your success, it helps you want to make more good choices.

The Faster Way to Fat Loss is the program that has finally helped me lose the baby weight (and other weight too) without being hungry. I’ve also never wanted to go back. I’ve felt great. Better than I have in my whole life, which I think it a testament to the solid ground on which this program is built.

But, do your own research. Explore a variety of weight loss programs out there. Maybe you’d even want to talk to your doctor before beginning any program. It did take me a while to settle on the Faster Way program after looking at several other programs.

But for me, this has been the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to doing something for me. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about my journey. I lost 34 pounds in about 9 months, which was my ‘I’ll be ecstatic” goal from way back when I started. In all honestly I never thought I would reach that goal, but knowing that I did has made this whole journey even more worth it.

When you’re ready to finally decide that how you feel about you is worth doing something about, and if losing weight is a part of that, know that the Faster Way has been the answer for me. It just might be for you, too!

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