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Frugal Black Bean and BBQ Chicken Salad

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Looking for some summer freshness this weekend? Nothing says summer to me more than a fresh salad.

Since some things came up yesterday, I needed a really quick dinner. Because of the prep work I did on Chicken Day and in making my own black beans, I only had to pull these things out of the freezer and chop up some onion and salad. It can’t really get much easier.

We absolutely love eating a variety of salads, especially in the summer, and this black bean and BBQ chicken salad is a family favorite!

chicken salad

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This recipe came from my gourmet cooking sister, just like my tomato basil soup did. I may have altered it a bit to fit my family, I’m really not sure, but the basic idea came from her.

Frugal tip: We will often have this salad when we have tortilla chip crumbs to finish up…don’t let even the crumbs go to waste. We also apply the same concept and have taco salad when we have a bunch of nacho chip crumbs.

For this recipe you will need:

  • salad greens, whatever you like. We use a romaine and iceberg mix
  • grilled chicken cut into chunks or strips, amount depends on how many people you have eating, we use one large breast
  • black beans
  • red onion
  • tortilla chips, crushed
  • BBQ sauce
  • ranch salad dressing

It’s really as easy as just putting everything on top of the greens. We mix the BBQ sauce and ranch dressing equally over top of our salad, but you could use only one or the other if you wanted. The BBQ sauce really does give it a nice kick.

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