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What’s For Dinner?

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hey mom, what's for dinner

So, I’m starting a new series called, Hey Mom, What’s For Dinner?!  Although I print off the meal plan and post it to the side of the fridge, I still hear this as much as if I didn’t.  And since I have 6 people who can talk, I often hear this 6 times a day.  If my husband is home for dinner that day, it is often 7.  Sometimes I answer, sometimes I just point to the posting of the meal plan.  Then there are days when we stray from the menu plan, like today, and it doesn’t apply, which is fine since I like keeping people on their toes!  So, since I post the weekly meal plan, I will post my, Hey Mom, What’s For Dinner?! recipe when I stray from the menu plan for the day.  That way I can keep you all on your toes as well.

Since I am certain that spring weather is on the way, I want to take full advantage of all things soup.  Since I found lentils in my pantry the other day, I decided to look for a recipe for lentil soup.  I am giving myself a “pantry challenge,” which basically means intentionally using up what is in my pantry but in new and different ways.  More on this in a later post, stay tuned.  So lentils it is for the day.

This recipe looks good to me, it’s what we will be trying tonight.  Looks good and hearty to me.  I will be doubling the recipe to feed my large clan.  We are going to pair it with some homemade French bread.


I will be sharing our favorite recipe for French bread later, but I haven’t made it yet so I can’t share pictures.  This bread is so frugal and so delicious that even my husband who does not like homemade bread likes it.  It reminds me very much of the bread you get in fancy restaurants either before or with your meal.  It is crazy that it is this easy.  Check back for the recipe, you won’t want to miss it!

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