Saving on Electronics

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Electronics are one of those things that the families of today have come to depend on, at least if you’re anything like my family.

As someone who has a strict budget to adhere to when it comes to my feeding my family, I shop at a variety of stores each week in order to get the best deals. This means that every week I will be at Walmart at some point.

saving electronics

I certainly do get groceries there every week, but have you discovered all the many things that Walmart has to offer besides just groceries?

I have been getting some of my kids’ clothes there for years, and I recently had a friend who clued me in to the amazing clothing finds she scores there for herself. Now, I make a point of visiting the women’s clothing section also.

It was when shopping for computer ink that I ended up wandering into the electronics section at Walmart earlier last fall. I was impressed with their selection and variety, especially when it comes Samsung products, which is a favorite brand in our household. I am big on reading reviews before I buy anything, and Samsung almost always gets rave reviews.

With a house full of growing kids, the amount of electronics we have to have is downright astounding. Can I just tell you that I’ve got four kids with their own computers?!

With my oldest turning 16 in a couple of weeks, we are in the market for a mobile phone for her. This brought my husband and I to Walmart on our date night on Thursday. I don’t know what date night is for you, but date night for us always ends up being dinner and then running errands. We often end up at Home Depot, but since we have a tax refund coming now is the time to grab the few electronics we need that we just haven’t had the money for.

With great deals on the Verizon J1 and Straight Talk Galaxy S7, we didn’t settle on one yet, but we will have to make a desision in the next week or so. We are leaning towards the Straight Talk Galaxy S7 G930VL LTE since it is resistent to spills, splahes, and even getting immersed in up to five feet of water for up to 30 minutes. For a teen, I think this is worth its weight in gold since we already lost one cell phone to a dunk in the toilet when she forgot it was in her pocket. The rice trick didn’t save that one. Just click on it to learn more.









A great alternative to having to buy ALL my kids a computer has been getting my younger kids a tablet instead. They can do the basic stuff they need to do, and they enjoy doing fun school games on it. I really can’t complain all that much when they are on their electronics because I know they are doing things like practicing math facts, playing a basic trivia game, or going through some basic reading games.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E is simple to use and allows my first-grade son to work on his stuff. But, it is also versatile enough that I can use it to check on social media and respond to emails when we are out and about. It has amazing picture quality, which makes it a great choice for watching shows or movies. We use tablets for watching shows we’ve downloaded while traveling. Check it out below.









Televisions are something else I am picky with. Well, I guess my husband and I are both picky about them. He is picky about the picture, primarily for watching sports. I am picky about the picture because we watch so many school DVDs like Earth and Frozen Planet when the images are just purely stunning on a high-quality TV.

Samsung is the brand we prefer for our TVs, actually for our DVD and blue ray equipment as well. Samsung has actually taken HD to the next level with their 4K UHD picture quality, which means that everything you watch looks four times sharper than regular HD. We saw this one at Walmart, and it is so tempting! Click on it to read more. 







If you’re looking to stretch your tax refund even further when it comes to electronics, the deals they’ve got on mobile devices, TVs, tablets, and home audio systems, make sure Walmart is on your list.

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