My Trip to Walgreens

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IMG_3222I had a great trip to Walgreens this week.  The deals I spoke of here are starting to arrive, so I took pictures to show you the amazing prices at my store.  I picked up some great sweatshirts for my boys to roll around in while playing baseball.  Practice starts this week but we still have wind chills in the single digits.  So, they need warm clIMG_3221_2othes.  At these prices, you can’t go wrong!  You can see in the picture youth sweatshirts for $1.89!  I went with the list I made over at Hip2Save.

On this shopping trip I spent $35.06 and came home with:

***4 youth sweatshirts

***1 adult sweatshirt

***2 large boxes of Tampax tampons

***4 Hot Wheels cars

***2 3-pack ziplock food storage containers

What a great shopping day!  And, I just spoke of stocking up on gifts, which is where the Hot Wheels are going!

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