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8 Diet Tips You Can Actually Follow (with free email challenge!)

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Are you looking for some diet tips that aren’t impossible to meet?

So often diets are filled with strict regiments, routines, and meal plans, but you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle without all that stress.

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Whether you are looking to lose weight, eat more healthy, or maintain a healthy weight and diet, being smart and knowing a few tips will help keep you on track.

I’m not a dietician or a qualified as a personal trainer or anyone with professional knowledge. However, I have had to lose the weight from having eight babies. I do this through a combination of these tips and regular exercise. By following this combination of things, I am still able to fit in my clothing from before I had my first child.

It does take work, though, but it certainly be done. Following these tips will get you on your way.

Here are 8 diet tips you can actually follow!

simple diet tips

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Pay attention to portion size

A lot of people fail in their diet plan because they don’t pay attention to serving size at all. Generally, the size of your fist is a serving size of most foods.

Most experts say to lose weight you will need to restrict your calories to between 1200 and 1500 calories a day

I don’t have time to count calories so I never do, but I do just try make smart choices. It really does come down to a basic formula of how much you are taking in versus how much you are burning off each day. Being aware of what you are taking in is essential.

Drink plenty of water

I drink 100 ounces a day, but I also lose a lot of fluid through exercising for a good 60-90 minutes 5-6 days a week. Set a water goal and then go after it. I find it is helpful to have a cup or water bottle for this purpose. I set goals of when I need to finish each one by. For instance, I drink one within the first half hour of getting up. Then, I have to drink additional cups by 10, 12, 2, 4, 6, and 8. This gets me to my 100 ounces.

If you get off track from whatever plan you are following whether it is a loose plan like I follow or something more structured like Weight Watchers or something like that, don’t throw everything out the window for that day

Oftentimes if I get off track I figure I will just completely stay off course for the day and start my diet again tomorrow. This is flawed thinking, and the sooner you can do a 180 on your eating for the day, the better.picjumbo.com_HNCK4477

Don’t deny yourself the things you lust after

Most times you will just continue to lust after it anyway, and when you give in to it at some point you will eat a much larger amount than you would have if you were to allow yourself to have just a small amount of it every so often. Even just the mentality of knowing that something is off limits is enough to make us overindulge on it when we do eat it. Do you love chocolate chip cookies, for instance? Allowing yourself to indulge in one before bed each night will make you less likely to gorge on the entire bag at some point.

Don’t skip a meal so you can overeat later

If you are going out to eat or to a party and want to eat more liberally, don’t “make up for it” by skipping other meals that day. By all means, make smarter and more controlled choices that day, but if you get to wherever you are absolutely famished, you will end up eating more than you would have if you had eaten more throughout the day.

Don’t give yourself permission to overindulge, planning to exercise it off

I will admit that this is often in the back of my mind. It isn’t a good plan, though, and it sets me back when I do give in to this kind of thinking. While exercising does give you more calories to play around with, what takes five minutes to inhale may very well take you an hour or more to exercise off. Eating a pan of brownies cannot be exercised off in 20 minutes…not that I would know anything about that or anything. If you are not aware of my brownie obsession, you can read more about that with my brownie recipe.

Give yourself a break from a strict diet

This doesn’t really apply if you are just being a conscious eater much like I do, but if you are following a more strict and limiting plan, it will be to your benefit to give yourself a short break every now and then. In keeping with the same thinking as depriving yourself of some of your favorite things, adhering to a strict diet day in and day out can do more harm than good mentally. Looking forward to having a day off does wonders for the mind when you are limited in what you are eating. I know some who take Sundays off every week, for example.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight is something that numerous people desire. Knowing a bit about the things to do and the things not to do can help you achieve better results. The tips I have shared are things that people often don’t realize, but giving them some attention can help you not only accomplish your weight and lifestyle goals, but it can help keep you sane along the way.

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