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10 Cleaning Hacks You Want to Know

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With such a bustling family, I have had to learn countless cleaning tips and tricks over the years for who knows what reason. Just yesterday I was repeatedly having to wash the ceramic tile in my bathroom after my son left a bottle of shampoo tipped on its side. After a few hours, I’m sure you can imagine the moat of shampoo that had collected. Cleaning – it never seems to end!

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What about you? Do you have problems with stains? Cleaning on your schedule for today? Annoyed by messes in your kitchen or linen closet?

I’ve written about cleaning in an hour and how our weekly cleaning schedule works out. I’ve even written about how I clean my bathrooms and even my refrigerator as well as tips for cleaning with a family.

However, here are 10 of the best and most random cleaning hacks I’ve come to learn over the years. Hopefully I can help remedy some weird cleaning job that interrupts your life sometime!

cleaning hacks

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Crayon or colored pencil in the wall?

First, use either some toothpaste or make a paste out of baking soda and water and rub it on the wall gently. Does the trick every time.

Looking to remove a stain from a mattress? 

Make a solution with baking soda and water and dab it on the stain on the mattress. Next, sprinkle corn starch on any stain that remains and allow to dry. Then, vacuum remaining cornstarch. Repeat if odor remains.

Burned on food in the bottom of your pot or pan?

Baking soda to the rescue here, too. First, make a paste with baking soda and water and apply to bottom of pan. Then, allow to sit for an hour or so. Come back and the mess should be easy to wipe away.

Tired of stained clothing going through the laundry and getting set in by the dryer?

Instruct your family members to tie any stained clothing in a knot. Then it will be easy for you to determine which clothing items need to be treated.

Microwave a splattered mess?

First, fill a soup bowl with some white vinegar and boil in microwave. Then, leave the door closed for about 15 minutes to allow the steam to loosen the food splatters. Finally, wiping down should be a breeze.

Speaking of vinegar, white vinegar makes an excellent toilet bowl cleaner. 

It is also the basis for my homemade fabric softener and my homemade all purpose cleaner.

Tired of sheet sets not staying together in the linen closet?

Store the top and bottom sheets as well as the extra pillow case right inside the extra pillow case creating a neat and tidy package that will stay together.

Do you have carpet stains?

A mixture of water with a few drops of BLUE dawn is often all you need. First, pour a small amount on the stain and allow to work its magic for a few. Then rinse with water, dabbing up the stain.

For a deep stain, having a new, stiff bristle brush to use with shag type carpet is a cool trick.

First, just rub gently and avoid rubbing back and forth. Then, use the brush to work the stain a bit. Finally, use the rag and dabbing method listed above.

Stained clothing or linens?

Start by pouring some BOILING water on the stain. Then, you can usually watch it disappear.

Cleaning is one of those things that is inevitable, why not make it as easy as possible? These are the cleaning hacks you will want to remember!


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  1. What exactly do you use to clean your toilets. I used to use bleach, but really don’t like it. Now I use green toilet cleaners (mostly mrs. meyers or method) I think they work pretty well, but they get expensive. Do you use your all purpose cleaner? Love to know!

    1. I am not picky about what I use to clean the inside of the toilet. It is whatever I can get for free using sales and coupons. The all purpose cleaner is what I use to clean everything but the inside of the bowl itself.

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