Stock Up on Huggies Baby Wipes! Just $.01 Per Wipe!!!

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I use baby wipes for all kinds of things, and I keep them just about everywhere, especially in the summer. I don’t buy them all the time as I wait for them to be a stock up price for me. And, this is right now!

baby wipes

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These Huggies wipes, the 648 count box is priced at $11.64 with Subscribe & Save, but it drops to $10.64 when they automatically take off $1.00 off the price of your first order of these wipes. This makes each wipe only $.01!!!!!!!!

Then you can cancel your Subscribe & Save service as soon as your order ships if you choose.

All you need to do is head over to Amazon using this link and add them to your cart! Easy peasy, right?

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