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Recipe: Pancake and Waffle Mix

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Have you ever tried your hand at making your own pancake and waffle mix from scratch? It’s not hard, and in most cases you probably have everything you need on hand to make this recipe.

Making many convenient mixes from scratch is a great tip for being frugal.  Since we had pancakes for breakfast this morning I thought I would share this recipe.  This really makes quite a large batch, this would feed my kids twice, so a smaller family would obviously get even more out of it.  It keeps well in an airtight container for quite some time, at least I think it would since no food item lasts very long around here with such an enormous crew to feed.

When I make pancakes or waffles, I always make extra and throw them in the freezer.  As long as you wait until they are complete cool to put in a freezer bag, they do quite well.  The pancakes I just reheat in the microwave, but the waffles I also reheat in the toaster for a minute or so after they get out of the microwave so they can get that crunchiness to them again.


For this recipe you will need:

  • 6 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 cups powdered milk
  • 6 T baking powder
  • 10 T sugar ( doesn’t end up being much per serving
  • 2 tsp salt

Mix everything together with a whisk to combine well.  When ready to mix, I use half of this mixture with 2 eggs and water as needed for the consistency I am looking for.  Sometimes thicker is nice, but sometimes a bit more thin is nice, too.  Adjust your eggs as necessary, but I do like the added texture that they give.

Pancakes are a very economical way to feed a large bunch, and these will be a hit with your kids, too!

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