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How to Keep Your Kids From Being Bored This Summer

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Summer may have just begun where you live and already you might be hearing the groans of boredom coming from your kids. I find intentionally focusing on certain activities on a regular basis to be the best cure for bored kids.

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Generally kids end up bored because thinking of something to do is just too much work, so, they don’t. I know I even get overwhelmed with this sort of thing sometimes. For instance, if I find myself with an empty house and don’t have my time alone planned, I am often simply too overwhelmed to think about how to use that time. With more free time on their hands during the summer, kids often end up in the same predicament.

This is where having a plan comes in handy. Not only will they be busier at times, but they will also be filling their time with some good things if you are utilizing some of these 10 boredom busters.

Here’s how to keep your kids from being bored this summer – and they’re really fun things for the entire family to do!

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Summer Boredom Tip #1: Read for 20 minutes a day

Reading is such a good thing to enforce every day. It really exercises those brain muscles, and it also keeps their creative juices flowing. It is an excellent quiet time activity, and it is a great way to wind down at the end of every night. It doesn’t matter when they read, just that they do it every day.

reading book kids

Summer Boredom Tip #2: Get creative with art or music every day

Nothing fosters a sense of creativity like creating something. There are so many craft kits, art kits, or fun supplies everywhere you look these days, and they can require help from someone older or be completely independent if you prefer. Summer can be a great time to learn to play a guitar online or something low key that your kids have always wanted to do. Just require something creative every day.

Summer Boredom Tip #3: Take one class

In most communities there are so many fun and unique opportunities to learn something new in the summer. Even your local library can be a great resource for this…and many of the things you will find will be free or very inexpensive, which is what I need! Find something in your area that your kids will be interested in learning more about and sign them up!

There are also a ton of really fun online classes you can take, some are even free!

What about learning to play the guitar? Make origami crafts? Write a short story? Start learning a new language?

The possibilities are endless!

Summer Boredom Tip #4: Spend 20 minutes a day helping the family

This 20 minutes should be over and above of any responsibilities they already may have in your family. In most cases, your kids have more free time in the summer, which means they can lighten the load of other family members by doing a little bit of extra work every day.

toy clutter organization

Summer Boredom Tip #5: Serve within the community at least once

Nothing is better than serving others, and it is a great thing to do as a family if at all possible. Finding the time to do this during the school year can be difficult, which makes this a great summertime activity.

Summer Boredom Tip #6: Spend 20 minutes outdoors every day, weather permitting

Getting outside every day is so good, even if it is just to relax in the shade reading a book. If the summer is too hot, then utilize the early morning or evening times when it is a bit cooler. After all, it’s only 20 minutes.

Summer Boredom Tip #7: Have 20 minutes of physical activity every day

Just like kids need to exercise their brain muscles during the summer, they should also exercise their actual muscles. Not only is it healthy from an emotional and physical standpoint, but you are also instilling healthy habits within your kids. Try these neighborhood games…they are so fun!

teach child ride bike training wheels

Summer Boredom Tip #8: Get dirty every once in a while

If you are groaning about this one, I do, too. I hate dealing with messes and messy kids, but, getting dirty and messy every once in a while is so important. Maybe your kids can have a shaving cream fight, a water balloon fight, or help with the planting and weeding. The amazing thing I have found is that kids and messes really can get cleaned up. And it is ok to deal with the mess until they do.

Summer Boredom Tip #9: Visit a park, playground, or some sort of recreational activity in your community once a week

These are great to visit on a weekly basis. No matter what it is, your kids are guaranteed to smile at least once while they’re doing it, and it’s a way that your kids can have some fun without you having any of the cleanup afterward. These are also great places for you to be a kid right along with your kids!

Summer Boredom Tip #10: Lay outside at night and watch the stars a few times

Some of our best memories have been made doing this. It is so easy to let this slip by, but these memories really are among our most special ones. It’s a great time for quiet, and it often sets the background for some great conversations that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. This one is really important.

Giving your kids some scheduled yet fun activities during the summer makes for less boredom, less time wasted, more fun for them, and often more family time, too. These 10 boredom busters are staples in our summer routine.

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