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The Survival Tool Your Teen Needs When Life Gets Busy

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*This is a sponsored post written on behalf of OXY Skincare. All opinions are my own.


I have three of them.

I think some of the issues and struggles that the teens of today face are similar to the struggles that the teens of my generation faced while other struggles are different for today’s teens.

Raging hormones, crazy emotions, and the challenge of sorting things out about relationships, academic challenges, and future careers are all similar to the struggles I faced as a teen.

Among the major differences I see are the increased demands and drive to excel in everything, the crazy busy schedules, and the perceived need to do more, be more, and dream more for the future.

All of this seems to result in one thing that is common among the teens of today – man, are they crazy busy!

With high school demands, participation in extracurricular activities, and what little time they have left over to spend with friends, my teens are forever running around from one place to another.

One thing my teens and I have found to be helpful in surviving these crazy days of having to be here, there, and everywhere is to have a bag with a few essentials packed and ready to go at all times.

Whether they are headed out to a sports practice, a part-time job, or a sleepover with friends, having a bag of essentials always at the ready has been a huge time saver – and even a huge life saver at times.

We call it their “ready bag,” and once you’ve got it packed the first time, it’s super easy to maintain.

Looking to save time and stress with your teen who is always on the go? Then this is the perfect solution in your life, too.

Here’s what to put in your own teen ready bag for teen survival.

busy teens

It starts with a bag

Take it from someone who learned this the hard way, get one that is at least somewhat waterproof. It doesn’t have to be very big, ours are about the size of a large lunch bag.

busy teens

Pain relievers

You never really know when pain relievers of some kind will be needed, but with kids in sports, it could be any time.

Prescription medicine

If you’ve got kids who take prescription meds like I do, this is something you certainly want in your ready bag.

Over the counter medicine

We keep some allergy meds, a basic decongestant, and a few throat drops in ours. Whatever your teens might need, make sure it’s in their bag.

Basic first aid

Maybe it’s because I’m married to a paramedic/RN, but we always have basic first aid stuff with us wherever we go.

A few toiletries

If you’ve got teen girls they will need feminine products, but some deodorant and a small toothbrush and toothpaste are also great ideas – especially for boys who play football.

Deodorant is a very good thing.

Other teen needs

One thing that many teens deal with (including mine) is acne. We discovered long ago the benefit in being diligent and consistent in treating my teens’ acne. In all honesty, this has been such a pain at times because it just isn’t practical.

busy teens

OXY is a name that has been around for more than 40 years (including when I was a teen), and it has proven to be effective in helping my teens deal with their acne.

Much to my delight, OXY has created something that has quickly become a staple in my teens’ ready bag. And, this product has made it simple to maintain their acne regimen even if they are not at home.

busy teens

It’s the OXY On the Go Acne Stick, and it has made keeping up with their regular acne regimen possible, even while on the go and without a sink or a bathroom. Prior to using this, there are times when my teens had just skipped their usual acne routine, which usually resulted in a flare up that was so hard to get back under control.

We all love knowing that even if they only have a minute, my teens can still get their acne routine done. And, this acne stick is so small that they can even stick it in their pocket if they need to.

An added benefit is that the Oxy On the Go Stick goes on clear and is mess-free, which means my teens don’t have to worry about what they look like if they don’t have access to a mirror. If it’s in their bag, they can and have used it just about everywhere.

In addition to the convenience, I love the fact that the OXY On the Go Acne Stick contains benzoyl peroxide that doesn’t bleach their clothes, towels, and sheets like so many products that contain benzoyl peroxide do.

If you have teens who haven’t tried this, it should be something in their ready bag, too.

You can find it nationwide in stores like Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and more. Find out more about it HERE.

A few dollars

You never know when they might need a quick bottle of water or bite to eat. Having a few dollars on hand is always a good idea.

When it comes to our ready bags, my kids just leave them on the counter when they get home and someone restocks them soon after. Most times, there’s not any restocking to do. But, in order to have them ready to go at a moment’s notice, restocking ahead of time is key.

Do you have teens who are always in and out?

Make sure they’ve got their basic supplies on hand by being prepared for everything ahead of time.

busy teens

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of OXY. The opinions and text are all mine.

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