Easy Peasy Alfredo Sauce

This is an amazing alfredo sauce, and it is so EASY to make! I had no idea it could be so easy. Pasta is a great way to feed a family economically. There are decent jarred Alfredo sauces out there, but nothing compares to one made from scratch. I have tried numerous recipes, and I eventually … [Read more...]

Recipe: Creamy Scalloped Potatoes

I have a quick, easy, and frugal recipe for creamy scalloped potatoes. Potatoes are a necessary part of any frugal family’s meal plan because they are filling, inexpensive, and very versatile. I make them countless ways, and some are liked more than others. I like to make dishes that I can make … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan 5/3

If you are wondering how I make my menu plan, you can read all about it here and here. These will guide you through how to make your own using easy steps. Don't forget these grocery tips and these when you are shopping and these tips on how to stretch your food budget. Breakfasts: Monday: … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 4/26

Having a menu plan is a huge time saver for me. Making mine was a bit of a challenge this week because we will be gone for three evening meals, which means I have to be able to make something quickly and make it ahead of time. For instance, tomorrow I will not be here at all, so I am having to make … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan

I just finished going through my sale ads and my pantry, since I still do follow my pantry challenge, and created my menu plan for the week. If you want a step by step guide on how to create your own frugal menu plan, read here and here. Following is what we'll be eating this … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan 4/12

Need help making your own menu plan? Read here and here for how I make mine.  Many of these recipes I find while on Pinterest, you can follow me on Pinterest here if you wish - I've got lots of treasures there. Breakfasts: Monday:  ham and cheese breakfast enchiladas Tuesday:  ooey-gooey … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan 3/29

Breakfasts: Monday:  frozen waffles, smoothie Tuesday:  eggs, toast Wednesday:  cereal Thursday:  oatmeal, toast Friday:  pancakes, eggs Saturday:  puffed pancake, smoothie Sunday:  cereal   Lunches: Monday:  bagel pizzas, salad Tuesday:  sandwiches, … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan 3/22

If you are looking for guidance in how to make your own menu plan, look here, and then here.  Menu plans are a frugal girl's best friend.  Here are some other ideas on how to feed your family on the cheap, here and here. Breakfasts:  Monday:  oatmeal Tuesday:  homemade waffles using this … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

I wanted to add a slight disclaimer.  As I spoke of here, we have some type of bread item at every meal to help stretch the family budget.  I generally don’t list that, because I am not sure of what bread item I will have in the house at any given time.  I am forever making some sort of bread item, … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan

Breakfasts: Monday: ooey-gooey goodness bread Tuesday: pancakes Wednesday: cereal Thursday: oatmeal Friday:  blueberry and donut muffins Saturday: puffed pancake Sunday: cereal Lunches: Monday: mac and cheese Tuesday: sandwiches Wednesday: hot dogs Thursday: bean … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan

Breakfasts: Monday: Oatmeal, toast Tuesday: Pancakes Wednesday: Cereal Thursday: Cinnamon Rolls Friday: Oatmeal Packets Saturday: Puffed Pancake Sunday: Cereal   Lunches: Monday: Tuna, salad Tuesday: Sandwiches, fresh veggies Wednesday: Hot dogs Thursday: … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

Breakfasts: Monday:  cereal Tuesday:  oatmeal packets Wednesday:  cereal Thursday:  pancakes Friday:  cinnamon bread Saturday:  puffed pancake Sunday:  cereal   Lunches: Monday:  mac and cheese Tuesday:  tuna Wednesday:  hot dogs Thursday:  … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan

Breakfasts: Monday: oatmeal packets and toast Tuesday: ooey-gooey bread, blueberry muffins Wednesday: cereal Thursday: oatmeal in the pan Friday: cereal Saturday: puffed pancake Sunday: cereal   Lunches: Monday: tortillas and cheese Tuesday: … [Read more...]