Weekly Menu Plan

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weekly menu planI just finished going through my sale ads and my pantry, since I still do follow my pantry challenge, and created my menu plan for the week. If you want a step by step guide on how to create your own frugal menu plan, read here and here. Following is what we’ll be eating this week.


Monday: egg and ham casserole (I will post recipe later)

Tuesday: ooey-gooey bread, smoothies

Wednesday: cereal

Thursday: pancakes, eggs

Friday: cinnamon rolls

Saturday: puffed pancake

Sunday: cereal


Monday: boxed mac and cheese

Tuesday: sandwiches

Wednesday: homemade pizza pockets

Thursday: tuna

Friday: tortillas and cheese

Saturday: sandwiches

Sunday: tuna


Monday: chili and cornbread (we are having cold weather again this week)

Tuesday: birthday dinner (birthday person chooses meal…I’m guessing it will be this)

Wednesday: baked ziti (recipe to come), Olive Garden salad

Thursday: brats, hot dogs, fries, potato salad

Friday: baked potato soup, french bread

Saturday: homemade pizza, garden salad

Sunday: chicken sandwiches, potato salad

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love your meal plan. It looks really well done. We work hard to put together a meal plan every week and the weeks that I succeed are so much less stressful and I save a lot of time. Not to mention we eat better and eat out less.

    1. Mirlandra, yes, meal plans are a way I have less stress and are therefore less grouchy 😉

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