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Menu Plan 4/26

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weekly menu planHaving a menu plan is a huge time saver for me. Making mine was a bit of a challenge this week because we will be gone for three evening meals, which means I have to be able to make something quickly and make it ahead of time. For instance, tomorrow I will not be here at all, so I am having to make tomorrow night’s meal today. I am used to working efficiently in the kitchen, however, as I wrote about here, but this week is very busy, which just makes meals more of a challenge all the way around.

If you are wondering how I make my menu plan, you can read all about it here and here. If you haven’t ever done it, you should, but you may need to give it a month to really be able to appreciate it. Our weekends are busy times in the kitchen anyway as I wrote about here.


Monday: baked oatmeal, toast

Tuesday: cinnamon rolls

Wednesday: cereal

Thursday: English muffin bread, eggs

Friday: oatmeal

Saturday: puffed pancake

Sunday: cereal


Monday: leftover chili

Tuesday: tuna

Wednesday: hot dogs

Thursday: bagel pizzas

Friday: sandwiches

Saturday: box mac and cheese

Sunday: tuna


Monday: chicken salad, cole slaw, potato salad

Tuesday: macaroni and cheese, salad

Wednesday: burgers and fries

Thursday: broccoli cheese soup, French bread

Friday: grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes, beans

Saturday: homemade pizza, salad

Sunday: chef salad, baked potato bar

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