Thursday’s Walk in the Word 6/4

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walk in the wordWhew! We have made it to Thursday. If you have been reading here this week, you may have read that this is the busiest week of my entire year. Actually, it is even busier than most years because I have an adventure race out of town on Saturday to prepare for, too.

Although it is Thursday, I am feeling that it is Thursday. Sunday, when things finally slow down for me, seems so far away.

Just as Monday’s verse spoke of God providing strength for the weary, this verse again speaks to the Lord providing strength and peace, which is exactly what I need! May it provide you with the strength and peace you need. It shouldn’t take long to memorize it. Then, you can draw the strength and peace He gives throughout your day as you bring it to mind. This is the beauty of memorizing Bible verses that are specific to the needs you face.

Today’s Verse

Psalm 29:11

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lordblesses his people with peace.

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