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Determining the Right Waking Time For YOU!

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Having a morning routine is great, but do you really know how to decide what time you’ll need to get up in order to accomplish it?

Although we can all want to get up in the morning, there is an ideal time based on your desires, demands, and season of life. Wondering what I mean? Keep reading.


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Determining the ideal time to get up based on what you need and want to get done by asking yourself the following questions will serve you well.

  • What must you get done every morning?
  • How much time will it take you to accomplish these things?


  • What do the people you live with need you to do for them in the morning?
  • How much time will it take you to accomplish these things?


  • What would you like to get done every morning? This does not mean in a “maybe I could do that” sort of way, however, what I mean is…what are you willing to give up sleep for in order to accomplish? What are priorities for you?
  • Then determine how much time you need to accomplish the things you would like to get done.

Double check:

  • Have you accounted for all of your physical needs to be completed? If not, be sure to make an accounting for these things now.
  • How much time will these things take?

Once you have answered these questions, add them together. This should give you a total amount of time that you will need to complete these particular tasks.

  • When you have your total time figured, ask yourself this question…is this a reasonable amount of time for the season I’m in? For instance, do you have a baby who is getting you up during the night? Are you suffering with a health condition that is affects your energy level, the ideal amount of rest time you need, or the things you are able to realistically tackle from a physical standpoint? These are things that will determine whether your total time for morning tasks is reasonable. If you are like me, you may tend to bite off more than you can chew.
  • Depending on the answer to the above question, make any adjustments necessary to the items you have listed as things you would like to get done. Obviously you can’t change the things you must get done or the things that others depend on you to get done, however, you can make modifications to the things you’d like to get done if your current season dictates that adjustments need to be made.

With that, you are ready to move forward with the final step.

Ask yourself this question:

  • What is the end time that must be met. For instance, what time do you have to be out the door for work? What time will others in your family get up and need your time and attention?

With this final question answered, determining the right time to wake in the morning becomes a simple math equation.

  • The end time minus the total time needed to accomplish your morning tasks is your ideal wake time.

Is this a reasonable time? Notice I said reasonable…not necessarily desirable. While we would like to stay in bed just a bit longer, we would also like to start our day off on the right foot, which will require a wake time that allows you to accomplish the things that will give way to a stress free morning (at least to the extent that you can control this).

One last thing.

  • Now that you know your ideal wake time, back that time up by an additional 15 minutes.


This additional 15 minutes builds an automatic cushion into your day right off the bat. When things go longer than expected, when things don’t work as efficiently as you thought they would, or when unexpected things infringe on your plans, you’ve got a little bit of give in your day from the beginning. It is amazing how those 15 minutes will come in handy every day.

Establishing a wake time that works for you is so essential in getting your day off to a good start. There is no one size fits all wake time, which is why working your way through these steps will help determine the wake time that works best for YOU!

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