Wraps, Kimonos, and Ponchos!

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I have to say, I have really appreciated expanding my wardrobe repertoire since discovering Cents of Style a few years back. As someone who hates to shop and doesn’t have any interest is paying attention to fashion and what’s in style, Cents of Style has been the answer to not looking totally outdated.

I love ponchos, and it seems they, and kimonos and wraps, are even in style since they are being featured on this Fashion Friday.


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There are several different style ponchos to pick from, the one above happens to by my favorite – I just LOVE it!

For Fashion Friday on 9/2/16, Cents of Style will be featuring their wraps, kimonos & ponchos.

There are several others to choose from, however, so take a look around.

To take advantage of this sale:

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