Thursday’s Walk in the Word 9/10

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I’m not sure if it is the transition to the back to school routine, but my kids have been in a funk lately. And by a funk, I mean a disobedient funk. Actually, together, we diagnosed it as a defiance funk, which is more deliberate than just being disobedient…maybe just a bit more malicious (kind of a strong word, but I think it sheds some light on it being a stronger action that just plain disobedience).

walk in the word

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That being said, this is one of my favorite resources for building character and addressing specific issues.

For Instruction in Righteousness: A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training

This book covers a multitude of issues such as pride, deceit, lying, selfishness, immodesty, and so much more, which means that you can just deal with whatever issue you are facing as it arises. You can go right to the issue in the book and find the things that seem relevant to your situation and your family.

The book addresses what the Bible says about that trait, what it says about the opposite of that trait, what God says happens to people who demonstrate the negative trait (defiance in our case), and a few additional things, and they are loads of applicable scriptures about each of these things.

Sometimes I have my kids copy some of the Bible verses that are listed in the book when they demonstrate a negative trait, sometimes we study it as a family when it seems to be a family thing like it is with defiance right now. The ways you can lead this book are ENDLESS!

That being said, let’s get to today’s verse, which is one that we took from the book straight from the defiance section as our focus verse for the rest of the week.

Today’s verse:

Proverbs 19:26

Whoever robs their father and drives out their mother

is a child who brings shame and disgrace.

I asked my kids if they like to be thought of as a disgrace, that seemed to really hit home. This is such a great verse!

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