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You Want Me to Pamper Myself?!

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You want me to pamper…myself?!

Yes. I do.

Days 19 and 20 in the Living Well & Spending Zero Challenge are all about pampering ourselves, and the timing couldn’t be better.


All throughout various posts and throughout my upcoming ebook, I am forever talking of the importance of filling our tanks first. I am always needing to remind myself that I cannot give to my family or others if I am depleted myself.

This is why I was so excited to read of how we are to be doing that very thing.

In day 19, Ruth shares some amazing looking recipes for some things we can make using common ingredients to create our own spa day at home. It is amazing that I have so many similar items pinned on Pinterest to make as gifts for others, yet I never thought of making these things as gifts for myself. Duh.

Pampering ourselves doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t even have to be time consuming. In fact, pampering ourselves can be as simple as escaping to our bedrooms for a few moments of peace amidst a busy day of mishaps…not that I would know anything about that.

In addition to having a spa day, you could pamper yourself by doing any of the following things that I love:

  • pedicure/manicure at home
  • reading something you love for an entire hour
  • taking a rest or even a nap
  • throwing in some earbuds and listening to some music that fills your soul
  • skyping with a family member or friend who lives away from you
  • watching a movie that you pick – in the peace and quiet – with popcorn!
  • making homemade coffee treats. You can read my recipe for making homemade lattes by clicking on this link
  • enjoying a relaxing morning in bed – maybe only for an extra 20 minutes, but those 20 minutes can be truly amazing

Don’t feel guilty about pouring into yourself at times. Make sure your family knows that sometimes, you just need some uninterrupted “me time,” and that you would greatly appreciate their respect in abiding by whatever time you set aside.

Do you wonder how in the world you can find the time to pamper yourself? Here are a few ideas for that, too

  • Obviously if you have a spouse, finding an agreeable time that you can focus just on yourself would be the easiest option.
  • If you don’t have a spouse who can help, what about a family member? Oftentimes grandparents are eager to step in to a role like this if they are able. So often they can be afraid of intruding so they don’t offer, and so often we as moms can be afraid to put them out by asking. As in any case, you never really know until you try. It would be totally worth asking.
  • If neither of the first two options work out, swapping a morning or afternoon off with a friend can meet this need. If you trade off watching one another kids from time to time, it can be a great way to get the break you need.
  • Create a safe, kid-proof environment for your kids to play in unsupervised. When I had three kids who were three and under, we totally kid proofed our basement playroom and put up a gate. We had a tv in there, and for a long time putting my kids in there with a video they loved to watch was the only way that I ever got a shower or could clean up dinner. As long as you know your kids are safe, this can buy you a little but of time to regain your sanity.
  • If you have the financial means to hire a mommy’s helper type person, you have a great solution. This could be a young girl who comes in to watch your kids, help with laundry, housework, or meals…whatever kind of help you need to buy you the time you need to pamper yourself on a regular basis.

I am so happy that this challenge has taken us to this exciting and important place. Giving to ourselves first is so essential. Ruth has spoken of how it is not necessarily important to do every one of the challenges she gives, but this would be one that I know she would say that we shouldn’t skip over. I echo this idea. This is not something that you want to breeze past or skip right over.

I’ve shared some great ideas on what you can do, and I’ve shared some ideas on how you can make it happen.

You’ve got everything you need to get started pampering yourself. So do it today!

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