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8 Creative and Fun Ways to Deal With Sibling Conflict

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Although conflict often can’t be avoided, dealing with it actually can be fun if you’ve for some creative ways to deal with sibling conflict up your sleeve.

I wrote some about how we deal with sibling issues in Dealing With Sibling Squabbles, but I am always looking for new ways to keep my kids on their toes. When I change things up, and when I have a little fun with them, it always seems to yield good results.

Again in dealing with sibling issues, you are not just trying to make the urgent situation disappear, you are trying to speak to their hearts, which will make a permanent change instead of just putting a bandaid on things.

Following are eight of the more creative and fun things I do in dealing with sibling conflict.

sibling conflict

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1. Have them complete a task together holding hands

Of course they have to communicate and work together in order to actually get it done.

2. Togetherness

Have the kids involved remain in close contact, never leaving the other until they can admit that they love each other. Of course this can’t be said with a bad attitude, but I do accept genuine laughter and a more joking admission of love to pass. When my kids are forced to do everything together, except use the restroom, laughter always erupts.

3. Get creative

Have the guilty parties write out the conflict in comic book form with pictures, of course, and then read it to the family. I’m sure you can imagine that this can get quite fun!

4. Burn off some steam, in a good way

In this scenario, one child stands on one side of a room (or of the yard outside) while the other child stands on the other. Then, they must yell, “I love you” back and forth until they both erupt in laughter.

5. Separation

In fact, separate them for a looong time. I remind my kids all the time of how lucky they are to have one another, especially since I was nearly ten before I had a sibling. Keep the kids in question apart for an afternoon or an entire day. It is amazing how ready they are to be with each other again – and be NICE!

6. Oh, how I love thee

Require that your kids involved in conflict write out 10 kind things about each other. In my home, “you’re nice,” doesn’t cut it. Then they must write 10 things they wish they could do with the other if money, time, etc. were of no concern. Read for the family.

7. Work as a team

The two kids in question must complete all household responsibilities together. If they do them correctly, they also get a reward together

8. Give one another 25 hugs

Real ones. Laughter usually happens here, too

Of course if you have more than one child there will be conflict at times. Conflict is a learning and growing experience, but it can also be a time to have a little fun while reigning in our own selfish thoughts, actions, and words. Try some of these out the next time conflict arises in your home.

How do you handle conflict in your home?

Looking for more on sibling issues? You may also enjoy reading How to Deal With Sibling Squabbles.

If you have never read this with your kids, you MUST. We have read it countless times. Even my oldest kids still LOVE this book!

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

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  1. I love these ideas! I have used some of them already. Sometimes just mentioning it will make them laugh and change their attitudes 🙂 I am going to try 3,4, and 7! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Ah, I am glad Jeniece. I totally agree! My kids have way too much fun with some of these, too 🙂 Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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