How NOT to Raise a Spoiled Brat

I am often so saddened about the youth of today’s world. In many cases they seem so misguided as to the way the world really works. So many kids seem to think they are owed the world on a silver platter. And then, when they become adults, they are left wondering what happened. Much of this is due to … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Diffuse a Toddler Meltdown Without Having Your Own!

Have you ever experienced a toddler meltdown? I know I haven't ;) Actually, my boys have been notorious for having a meltdown or two. Of course, they always seem to happen when I am most exhausted as a mom. Just one of the many ways that my kids seem to know how to push my buttons. There may be … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Follow When Co-Parenting is a Nightmare

Co-parenting can prove to be quite the challenge. If you are coparenting, read on. A few weeks ago, I had a reader write in looking for some fresh ideas of how to handle the frustrations of raising children between two parents who are not living together. More specifically, how to instill the … [Read more...]

It’s a Contest – and YOU Can Win! ENDS TONIGHT!!!!

Who doesn’t love a contest, right? Especially when you can win something that is life-changing! I am all about contests, and as an overachiever, I often come out on top when I play along ;) I have just laid out my roadmap for this very blog for the next year, and there are so many exciting places … [Read more...]

How to Deal With Sibling Squabbles

If you have more than one child, you are no stranger to siblings issues. They appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, but I have found that no age is immune to them. So, how can you deal with siblings squabbles? Generally we as moms, we notice sibling issues because there is crying, whining, or … [Read more...]

One Simple Way to Teach Kids That Behavior Has Consequences

Whether kids or adults, everyone has to deal with the fact that behavior, all the choices we make, have consequences. Teaching kids, or even adults, to be mindful of others is something that can be so difficult at times as we are all selfish by nature, but it is so necessary. I find that she … [Read more...]

Got a Picky Eater? Avoid This One Mistake and 9 More Useful Tips

Picky eater on your hands? Perhaps you are making this one common mistake that can be a hindrance to breaking this common struggle. As a mom of seven, including two picky eaters, I am no stranger to mealtime battles. Actually, calling issues with eating a battle is the common mistake that we as … [Read more...]

How to Teach Your Kids What “I’m Sorry” Really Means

Do your kids know what it means to be genuinely sorry? Do they know how to go about asking someone else for forgiveness in a sincere and heartfelt way? Do your kids know what it means to grant forgiveness? So often conflicts happen as a result of a misunderstanding rather than because of a desire … [Read more...]

Helping Children Understand Their Feelings

I feel that one of our primary goals in raising children is really a matter of the heart. What I really mean is that parenting is a matter of training the heart. Feelings are something that all humans have, which means that feelings are something that all people need to learn to manage. As parents, … [Read more...]

Maintaining the Relationship in the Midst of Disobedience

If you have kids, you know that disobedience is just part of life. In fact, as adults, we aren't perfect either, are we?! However, when disobedience comes, it is so important to maintain the relationship in the midst of the disobedience. Preserving our relationships and speaking to the hearts of our … [Read more...]

8 Creative and Fun Ways to Deal With Sibling Conflict

Although conflict often can't be avoided, dealing with it actually can be fun if you've for some creative ways to deal with sibling conflict up your sleeve. I wrote some about how we deal with sibling issues in Dealing With Sibling Squabbles, but I am always looking for new ways to keep my kids … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget!

Did you miss by Ebook when it was free? Don't forget, you can get the first three chapters for FREE by subscribing here if you haven't already done so! That way you can see how you like it. It's only $3.99 to purchase the whole Ebook if you decide it's a good fit for you. In addition, when you … [Read more...]

A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom

A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom is here! Even better, starting today, my book is FREE through Monday. If you are a mom who has struggled with feeling overwhelmed, struggling to juggle being a mom who stays home or a mom who works, battling depression, or wondering how to balance it … [Read more...]

Disobedience is a Part of Life

If you have been a parent for any length of time, you have probably realized that disobedience is simply a part of life. Is it only our children who disobey? What about us? I know I am far from perfect, and this is such an important perspective to keep in mind in my life as a mom. I often … [Read more...]

Dealing with Disobedience (Part Two)

If you have not read part one, find that in Dealing With Disobedience Part One. Read that for the first four steps and then come back. Once we have clearly defined the root (the negative behavior) and the opposite (the positive behavior), we talk about how the situation could have been handled … [Read more...]