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31 Ways to Grow Your Family’s Faith Through Summer Fun – Grilling Feast

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What a great month it has been having some summer fun while growing our faith as a family, would you agree? We’ve had ice cream, watched the clouds, made s’mores, had a three legged race, and so much more, but in tying in the Bible verses and therefore making correlations between the Bible and our everyday lives, we have grown closer to God and in our relationships with the members in our family.


On this one final day in August, let’s celebrate while enjoying some good food. Gather your family and some good food that your family likes to eat on the grill, and grill up some of the food that God gives us to nourish our bodies. My family loves burgers, cole slaw, grilled vegetables, brats, and barbecue chicken with some potatoes roasted on the grill in some foil. Whatever it is that your family likes, plan to grill out with some of those foods while just hanging around and enjoying the beauty of summer as the food cooks.

Tell jokes, share stories, have some laughs, and just enjoy spending time together. At some point, grab your Bible and read Matthew 7:11, which says, If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

Talk about all the many blessings that God gives you every day including the wonderful food you just made and ate together as well as for long summer days. Thank Him for the beauty of creation and whatever the weather is where you currently live, even if it is rain, snow, clouds, or sun.

Close your time together in prayer, thanking God for the ability we have to grow our faith not only during the month of July, but also within each and every day that we have breath.

Thanks for joining me and The Intentional Mom community this August. I look forward to our next journey together!

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